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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Plan- Summary

This is a sample commercial cleaning marketing plan, part one summary. Right Step commercial cleaning is a full service janitorial and commercial cleaning business located in Tampa FL. The initial marketing plan is focused on Medical accounts for a 10 mile radius of our home based business. Medical consists of all doctors, dentists, clinics, service businesses.

We provide full service night janitorial, day porter, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, restroom sanitation. The min service requirement is 3 day week service but primarily 5 day week accounts or more. 1x specialty services (carpet, floor, tile) will be provided on a case by case basis but the goal is selling packages of min 2x year service.

Marketing will be a mix of cold calling using phone, email, direct mail and advertising. Starting date of Sept 1 st 2016 and will run for the next 6 months until March 1 st 2017 when an evaluation will be completed. The goal is $10,000 in monthly service contracts and $2,000 in misc specialty services at the end of 6 months.

Budget is $1,500 per month which equals 1:8 return on marketing dollar spent. Monthly service contract gross profit margins are as follows – Large accounts = 45% gross profit Medium accounts = 50% Small accounts 60% and specialty cleaning= 70%

Commercial Cleaning Leads

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The goal is 5 day a week accounts, currently are 765 Medical businesses located in 10 mile radius that have 10,000 sqr ft of office space or more. The theory is at 10k sqr ft or more the business is big enough to warrant 5 day a week service. Out of 765 businesses 247 businesses have 50k sqr ft or more, this will be our primary target and 10k to 50k sqr ft businesses will be secondary target.

The average price in our market is $1.20 per sqr ft annually for commercial cleaning. If we can close .5 % of our target base practically speaking that will be 1 large account (50k sqr x $1.20 = $60k) and 3 small accounts (10k sqr ft x $1.20 = $12k x 3 accounts = $36k) We can reach our goal of $10k per month in contract cleaning work.

No local commercial cleaning competitors focus on medical industry exclusively. Currently are 300 competitors mainly mom/pop shops with 3 national franchises and 1 big independent. Medical industry locally is one of the fastest growing in number of building space according to a recent study by Tampa Chamber of Commerce, this makes medical great leads going forward when you think about an aging population and growth of medical specialists. Commercial Cleaning Marketing Plan – Part 3 >>>>>>

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    Hello Sir, interested about your marketing message to Medical businesses 4 carpet cleaning and restroom sanitation cleaning

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    Hi,Shane interested about your marketing message to Medical businesses 4 carpet cleaning andirestroom sanitation cleaning

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