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Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch

Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch, when asking a closing question… Silence is golden. We have all been there, we make a qualified lead, visit the building taking measurements, asked all the right questions. Finally it’s time to ask for the business and schedule an appointment, close the deal!

The words will obviously change based on selling project work commercial carpet cleaning or commercial cleaning daily service. For carpet cleaning we would prefer to offer 2-3 program options, the only way special projects business model really work is if we can sell a program with service frequency already scheduled, for example 2x year, quarterly or monthly. A closing question might be “ which program works best for you” or “we have opening’s on Tuesday nov 1st and Thursday nov 3rd, which do you prefer?”     See sample commercial carpet cleaning proposal >>>>>

One of the mistakes new cleaners make is talking too much after asking a prospect for the business. After asking that closing question, just shut up and let the person think for a moment. I know, you want to add something, ohhh by the way did you know we have the best green cleaners in the market…. Stop yourself, take a deep breath and relax. Jot something down on your notepad or something but remain quiet. Next time try it and see what happens, nothing makes people more nervous and force an action then silence.

I learned this from one of the sales trainers in the 90’s, can’t remember which one and you probably never heard of him anyway. Funny because it is one of the few things I always liked and used from that era in sales training, most of it was too hardcore for my subtle style. This fit right in.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch

I can still remember my biggest  commercial cleaning proposal, a nursing home chain. They had maybe 5 locations at the time and were an in-house cleaning operation, we were trying to convince them on outsourcing everything including carpet, tile and daily housekeeping. After meeting with the executive several times and submitting a proposal he called me in to his office for a final meeting. I could tell he wanted to do it but was a real pro and wanted to squeeze every little penny he could out of us. Calmly I said we gave him our best deal and asked how much time he needed for startup, then SHUT UP! Cannot remember how much time went by, probably 5 minutes but I was determined to not say anything and it seemed like an eternity. He was definitely testing me to see if I would crack and finally just said OK then and signed the contract giving us 5 months until contract start up. Swear about halfway through almost laughed right in his face, that would have been bad.

The point is when asking a closing question relax and let the prospect think about it for a second and process everything. As a test next time a salesperson asks YOU a closing question just stand there and don’t say anything, see how squirrely they become.



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