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Commercial Cleaning Brochure, Targeting Churches

This is a blog and video on creating a commercial cleaning brochure, targeting churches and religious organizations in general. One of the challenges with marketing to churches is they are non for organizations and often do not have a lot of money. The other challenge is how to let them know we specialize in churches but at the same time be subtle and not offend anyone.

We were super careful in creating this brochure not to include any symbols or reference to a specific religious organization as we do not want to offend anyone.

Start The Marketing with A Headline

We started with a headline of “Don’t Take A Leap Of Faith with your next carpet cleaner”. The keyword here is faith, just a subtle way to let prospects know we understand their organization. Next to the headline is a picture tying into the headline of taking that leap of faith. The point here is we wanted to use keywords instead of being direct.

commercial cleaning brochure churches

Solving Their Commercial Cleaning Problem

The paragraph or body we started with another keyword, the key to having immaculate carpets is. Then the body was devoted to solving problems common among churches. Some are not having to buy expensive equipment, devoting maintenance staff’s time and of course the results. Often when in house cleaners try to remove spills and stains they just wick back anyway in a couple days because they do not have the training, detergents and equipment.

Next to the paragraph is a snapshot image of carpet cleaning, the problem here was finding the right picture to plant the seed of a religious organization or church without using any symbols. Some religions find that offensive and as marketers we want to avoid offending the prospects we are trying to influence.

Focusing on Benefits

Last section is geared towards showcasing the core benefits of using our service. The challenge with churches is they often have tight budgets for commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. Most are staffed with lots of volunteers and it can be difficult for a volunteer to pay top dollar for a cleaning service or any contracting service when they are working for free.

The key points we want to get across here is:

-setting up an ongoing routine, with larger ones we could split up in sections while smaller buildings rotate services.

-Low cost solutions, now low cost doesn’t equal low profit when we are splitting into sections or rotating

-main benefit of course is keeping a clean uniform appearance

This was a quick overview of some ideas to think about when creating a commercial cleaning brochure, targeting churches.

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