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Commercial Cleaning Email Marketing

In this blog we focus on reaching out to Property Managers through email template for carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Now there is a couple different types of email, this is a template for reaching out to a prospect or connecting with someone couple times a year. Another good idea is adding a telemarketing campaign and combine with email.

Note Spam would be putting someone on a drip campaign, sending out newsletters and promotions unsolicited. I dont see a problem with connecting with someone through a cold email or setting up an appointment in the future.

3 Main Sections For This Template


Is where we introduce ourselves, company and reason for contacting them. Some of the different approaches are technical for example where you talk about your equipment, green cleaning etc.

This example is more value or service related we focused on what challenges or problems they are likely to encounter and how to solve them. A third option can be going directly into naming other property managers you work with, other projects you recently completed.

Call To Action

The next section is what you want them to do or happen next. Here we have 3 different options, one is connecting on social media and giving your facebook or linkedin address.

Can also let them know you plan on calling on the phone to learn more about their situation. Setting a specific time to stop by and visit is also a good idea.

Value Proposition

Lastly is providing an opportunity for a prospect to research more information. We have 2 main options here, can go broad/vague and just provide a website link with see more info or whatever.

Going specific is always a great idea too, in this example we gave a very specific project/problem we encountered and a link to the pictures or video on our website. This is where you

Sample Email Template

Website- job portfolio

Hello Contact

My name is John Smith with commercial carpet cleaning and we help Property Managers improve the appearance of their carpeting. Reason for this email is we find that it is very common in office buildings to have drink spills and worn looking carpet adjacent to hard floors.

I would like to connect with you and learn more about your specific needs and see if we can offset some of these challenges.

Call to action

-Connect with me on social media at

– I will try and call you next week

-I can stop by next week

Value Proposition

We currently work with XYZ company for X years, see a recent job we completed of a severely stained carpet at …

Thank You

Name and contact info