In this video we cover how a commercial cleaning service, can use linkedin sales navigator to follow the principle of account based marketing.

This concept is influencing multiple decision makers for selling commercial cleaning services. This can apply to janitorial, carpet cleaning, tile or any specialty cleaning service focused on the commercial market.

Often when speaking with cleaners they can feel like some of these “ideas” are too abstract, what does all this stuff really mean? In this presentation we want to introduce a strategy and then show you physically how to use it.

In most businesses multiple decision makers are involved directly or indirectly with which commercial cleaning service to hire. Especially when dealing with larger businesses, they have maintenance, leasing agents, property manager and office managers. We want to get in front of all of them if possible.

Searching for Cleaning Accounts With Linkedin

Within linkedin there is a tool called the sales navigator, in here we can search for specific accounts. In this example we completed a quick search for property management in a city.

150 potential accounts came up, in the video you can see under the company name linkedin lists all the employees for that business who have a profile with their job titles.

Now we can see all these leads have different titles and we want to approach them all uniquely. Serving specific messages to specific leads. Just scrolling through you can see owner, leasing agent, admin. We would want to use a different message for each of them.

For example the leasing agent can be a great referral source also. Either they might want to prep the space for leasing or the new company moving in might want to freshen up the carpet, tile, furniture prior to moving in.

How To Use Landing Pages

This is what our Account Based Marketing platform is all about. Now we can create different landing pages, messages for different leads, people in the company.

We start by showing a landing page for a commercial cleaning service, janitorial that focuses on employee related issues. This is a great hot button and what most clients complain about.

In the 2nd web page we focus on how a commercial carpet cleaner could use an article to explain why commercial carpeting attracts so much oil and becomes matted down.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and research to see if this strategy is a good fit for you.


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