Sample flyer/brochure for commercial carpet & tile cleaning, marketing to restaurants. 4 Sample carpet & tile cleaning flyers & brochures for marketing.  

We decided to focus on restaurants, when targeting a specific group, industry one way to get more out of your marketing budget is be specific. In most cases if you can be specific, exclusive to an industry then a campaign can see a lift of 10-20% in leads and sales closes. By specializing in something its easy to squeeze a couple more leads and close a couple more jobs, which really adds up over 3 years if you think about it and is a great investment because the cost is so small.

We started with a headline posed as question “Getting the most out of your cleaning program?”. Build a custom deep cleaning package on an automatic routine. The goal here is to plant the seed of setting up programs, setting up routines of bi-annual, quarterly, monthly. Some carpet cleaners even end up with weekly and bi-monthly programs which is great for cash flow. Restaurants are very dirty.

On left we focused on listing our services, carpet, tile cleaning and upholstery. A lot of different directions you can go in, lets say you dont like upholstery you could always include a bubble on protection or restroom sanitation. Its really unlimited the different directions to go in.

The point of this flyer is to educate prospects on different services you provide and B. plant the seed of how great it would be to set up a program on autopilot and solve all their problems.

Additional Services Flyer With Tile Cleaning

In most parts of the country tile is a niche service for carpet cleaners and this blog is on some ideas to sell more residential tile jobs. The great thing about grout is the margins are similar or even better but the tickets can be much, much bigger. The downside is homeowners don’t generally buy as often as carpet and most don’t even know the service exists. We have to be much more aggressive in marketing and advertising this service and letting current customers know what we can do.

Brochure and Sell Sheet

I like sell sheets better than a tri-fold brochure because its just a lot faster and easier to read top to bottom instead of flipping over all the folds. The first step would be to create a brochure outlining what services you do provide and educating people the service even exists. Some of the options are steam cleaning, sealing, minor repair, sealing new installs, color sealing grout, staining and showers. If we are already providing carpet service this only makes sense to hand a homeowner the flyer to look over while we start cleaning. Of course providing a demo if they have interest would be even more effective for them to see what it will look like and us to see how long it may take

sample commercial tile cleaning brochure

Company Overview

This is a company brochure that outlines the main services you want to promote and make prospects aware of specific services. Some other subjects that are good to cover are your guarantee, reviews and testimonials, experience or years company has been in business.

Big Ticket Strategy

Create Carpet and Tile Cleaning Big $$ Ticket Strategy

I like to take my shot at least 2 days a month. This applies to commercial or residential, its my hail mary strategy and actually provides quite a bit of revenue %. Hey someone has to get lucky, miles well be me…..

Take your job average and x it by 3 or 5 or 10 (if you are that ambitious)

These are big tickets and very important to growth if you dont want to kill yourself eating celery for a living.

Then take a piece of paper, pencil and start asking questions.

1. What services do I provide that leads to a $500 job (or whatever)

2. Who buys these services

3. How do i reach them

4. How often should i contact them

5. What are some ways to reach them

6. Etc, Etc

Have to start somewhere, even if you start with 2- $500 a month jobs.

Then add to it as you learn more.


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