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Carpet Cleaning Landing Pages For Property Managers

Sample Carpet Cleaning Landing Page

This is a blog on how carpet cleaning and commercial carpet & tile cleaning companies can create landing pages for property managers and property management firms, commercial landlords.

Now you can create a landing page offsite on a separate host or you can create one directly on your website. A landing page is just a page, single web page.


Basically its a webpage you send leads to learn more information about your company, more info on a specific subject and/or schedule an estimate or appointment.


What Kinds Of Landing Pages Are There

1.Page separate from your website and is only 1 page. Most are set up simple to solicit a quick response. An example might be you want to focus an adwords campaign just about floor stripping and waxing for construction projects. So you would buy a domain name and create 1 simple page with info about floor stripping and waxing construction projects and a request estimate form with an option to go on your main website.

2. The other option is create a page on your website and/or send link to a specific page on your website.

Where can you use them?

Email, Facebook, adword campaigns, linkedin,  b-card, postcard, sales letters. ANY way you market to commercial leads.


This way you can create very specific value propositions for very specific prospects, be a specialist. Maybe your prospect is manufacturing and needs monthly safety toolbox meetings or retail where security is a concern.

The benefit is integrating your landing pages with your sales/marketing software so all the information drops right into their account.

Its very easy to track this way and create follow up reminders. Nobody knows what motivates people, which is why we test.

Sample Commercial Cleaning Landing Page


carpet cleaning landing page example

Sample # 2

Specific Messages

The point is you can create very specific messages for very specific prospects. In this case we are targeting property managers. So right off the start we want them to know we specialize in servicing property management firms and then we show a picture or image of what an average commercial landlord looks like. Now some contractors focus on apartments or condos and you would want to use an image that reflects that specific niche. Under the statement a good idea would be to make a sub headline maybe of how many years you have been in business or number of accounts you have, etc.


Down in the paragraph we listed 2 testimonials that are industry specific with names and company name. This is just one message, one theme to try this time. You can make 3,4 or even 5 different themes, maybe next time the focus will be on a technical angle or a service angle. Lets say you offer 24/7 hour rapid response time, this would be a great message for service to explain and educate prospects on.


Every prospect is motivated by different things, this is why its best to come up with several different themes covering the basics. For example: technical, service, value and client testimonials. If you are already reaching out to someone 4-5-6 times a year we can just keep flipping the different themes looking for a hot button.

Down in bottom I like to give options, at this point not everybody will be sold. This is the place to offer options to explore more, learn more about another subject. Can just segue into a technical page for example. Ultimately the goal is to fill out the form and schedule the appointment.


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