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Carpet Cleaning Referral Marketing

This is a video on creating a carpet cleaning referral marketing program for realtors. The goal here is to build a door to door referral plan or sales route focused on realtors or sales agents. This is a great marketing idea to generate referrals with a marketing program including a plan, tools, marketing materials and strategies to build a sales route.

The first part is build a marketing plan, create a description of what you are trying to do, in this example door to door sales route for realtors. Some carpet cleaners like monthly, others quarterly or custom made routine of 6x year. The goal is to create a dedicated routine to follow up with referral sources multiple times throughout the year and not just one time.

The next marketing strategy is 3 objectives, Short term, Intermediate and long term. An example might be make a connection, collect information for future follow up and plant the seed for future referrals. Prospects don’t always need our service today right now but might six months from now or a year from now.

In this sample we are going to hand out $20 gift cards for realtors to hand out to residential customers. Weather homeowners are moving in or out a $20 gift card during a stressful time can be a great promotion. Now I am not saying you should or shouldn’t, lots of different ideas you can use. Testing is always best to find the most profitable marketing strategy for you.

Establish your geographic area for this program and time frame to run it. One and done never works, 6 months is good 12 months is even better to figure out the best plan for your specific market. In this specific marketing plan we set door to door as the how with a goal of 80 realtors covering 6 different offices.

Next think about what marketing materials and tools you will use. Always best to plan this out and create email templates, sales flyers, brochures and print off the gift cards ahead of time so you are ready to start. Figure out what your fixed printing cost will be and variable cost for the gift cards. Do the math and see how many jobs you need at what average revenue or ticket to make this program profitable.

For marketing materials have a design already made up and printed off. Overall a specific flyer or brochure should produce 10 to 20 percent better than a generic one, so it is worth the extra effort over the long term to make specific marketing flyers or brochures for good targets. The reason is you are exclusive, you are focused and understand their specific needs.
This is just the style I used in this case for my specific needs. My opinion is you should hook up with a professional designer or copywriter and design something specific to your market. Luxury homes can be different then everyone else. I think if you really commit to to being exclusive then 20 percent r even doubling sales is not impossible if you really nail it down.

Lastly create your marketing leads or list of prospects. Plenty of tools we can use nowadays to build a list of prospects. We can help with building a sales route, also you can just go to google and search for realtors. In this case I just googled realtors in a city and put them on a map. Weather it is mapquest or google from there print off directions or save to a smart phone to canvass door to door.

We have our marketing program, our plan, tools, marketing materials to build a sales route. Now it is just a matter of follow up.

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