Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing with Postcards & Email

Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing with Postcards & Email

Maximize Your Carpet Cleaning Business with A Winning Combination of Postcard and Email Marketing!

Carpet cleaning services often struggle with creating a marketing campaign that generates repeat business.

One way to achieve this is by combining postcard marketing with email marketing. By creating a consistent campaign that transfers from print into digital into email, businesses can reach their target audience in a meaningful way.

In this article, we will discuss how carpet cleaning services can create a successful follow-up campaign using postcard and email marketing.


Value of Frequency and Reach

The primary goal of any marketing campaign is to reach as many potential customers as possible with a consistent message. However, it’s not just about the number of people reached; it’s also about how often the message is received.

For example, if the goal is to reach 1000 leads seven times a year, a routine of three phone calls, two direct mailings, and two emails could be an effective strategy.

To maximize the impact of marketing campaigns, it’s important to reach prospects in diverse ways.

While email is a popular communication method in today’s world, many commercial contacts don’t use email every day, and some have strict filters that make it difficult to get through.

Therefore, combining postcards and email can ensure that carpet cleaners are reaching potential customers in various ways.

Sample carpet cleaning postcard

Sample Carpet Cleaning Postcard

When creating a postcard design for carpet cleaning, it’s essential to focus on the message and not the logo. The headline should be about a common problem that commercial carpet cleaning can solve.

After the headline, a supporting image or theme should be used, followed by bullet points highlighting common problems that businesses may have experienced. A solution should then be offered, including specific methods and detergents used.

At the bottom of the postcard, the business’s logo should be placed along with credibility symbols such as guarantees or associations. It’s also a good idea to include contact information such as a phone number and website. If a specific industry is being targeted, a landing page could be created specifically for that industry.

How To Combine Email

In the email, the content should be similiar as the postcard to ensure consistency.

But, we must let the prospect know right away we are a local business somehow so that people know it’s not spam, and it’s a local service company.

We can also shorten the email and focus on the main points. The email should include a greeting, a headline or sub-headline, some information, and a closing statement.

Lastly, we can include a call to action that links to a landing page showcasing testimonials from previous clients.


The landing page is essential because it gives potential clients an idea of what to expect from the carpet cleaning services. 

For business-to-business campaigns we can focus on a service or common problem in an industry This way, clients can relate to the service provided.



commercial carpet tile cleaning postcard

Tile Cleaning Postcard Example

When it comes to commercial tile cleaning, the focus should be on the restroom, as most modern buildings have tile and grout in their restrooms.

Additionally, the condition of restrooms is one of the biggest complaints from commercial accounts. The goal of the campaign should be to provide tile and grout steam cleaning, sealing, and color seal, typically in the 2-4x year range. However, some high traffic buildings may require monthly or bi-monthly service.

Brochures or flyers can also be used to promote commercial tile cleaning services. For example, a brochure could highlight the benefits of tile and grout steam cleaning, sealing, and color sealing while providing additional information about the business and its services.

Follow Up Campaign

The follow-up campaign should include both postcards and emails. We can alternate from the email to the postcard, back to the email, and so on.

This will create a multiplier effect and work off of each other. There are endless different frequencies that we can come up with, but it’s recommended to start with a quarterly campaign.

Combining postcard marketing with email marketing is an effective way to reach the target audience.

By creating a consistent message that transfers from print into digital into email, businesses can generate repeat business.

The follow-up campaign should focus on the target audience and provide them with valuable information about the carpet cleaning services that the company offers.



Sample commercial carpet cleaning postcard

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