Sample Commercial Carpet Cleaning Postcard

How to link commercial carpet cleaning postcards with email marketing templates. In this situation we are using postcards and email as a follow up to an established phone marketing campaign.

We are going to cover three postcards:

  1. Carpet Cleaning
  2. Commercial Tile Cleaning
  3. Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial

Direct Mail Plus Email

The goal here is to link the 2 marketing strategies together and create a uniform theme, uniform message. In our last blog we talked about frequency and reach, we are just adding to that frequency number with follow up. If the goal is to reach 1000 leads 7 times a year for example then I am going to set up routine of 3x phone call, 2x direct mail and 2 emails.

We try to reach leads in diverse ways, the reason is every prospect absorbs information differently. Might sound crazy in 2019 but many commercial contacts don’t use email every day and might have very strict filters set up to make it difficult to get through.


Now the frequency can be adjusted to your specific needs and some carpet cleaners might try a different rotation than quarterly, this is just an example and not the only way. Another example might be send postcard out quarterly with an email follow up a week later or maybe even only 2x year. The only way to find out is test different marketing strategies with different leads.

Sample carpet cleaning postcard

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Postcards

The first part is creating the postcard design, in this example we started at the top with a headline of a common problem with commercial carpet. One of the mistakes I see new cleaners make pretty consistently is using their logo as a headline. Prospects don’t really care who we are at this point but want to know, what can we do for them. We always place our logo in the corner usually in lower right corner or off to the side.

  • Image – After the headline I try to find a supporting image for the headline or image that captures the overall theme or feel of the subject.
  • Bullet Points- Try thinking of some common problems you run into at previous commercial carpet or tile jobs and list them in bullet points or arrows.
  • Solution- Right under the bullet points listing core problems write about the solution. Think about how you are going to solve stated problem and maybe even a specific method, detergent, process.
  • Bottom- At the bottom we placed our logo, credibility symbol (in this case a guarantee but any associations would be better), how to contact us through phone number and website.
  • This is a good time to use a landing page, if you were targeting restaurants, you could create a web page just for restaurants.

Combine With Email

Now we are going to move on over to the email template, if you notice the email is exactly like the postcard to create a smooth consistent theme. The color scheme is not exact but similar, picture is same, headline same and most of the body has been transferred from postcard to email template.

There is a couple differences with email marketing, first thing is the logo is in header and first thing prospects see. The reason is people are quick to delete and wary of spam so we want them to know immediately we are a local carpet and tile cleaning service, not spam.


  • Subject Line- The headline is already in the subject line and will actually be the first thing someone will see. Now some marketers will still make a big headline before the body but I usually don’t. Just personal preference, they have already seen the headline in subject line before clicking.
  • Copy-  The same common problems were used and a solution provided right underneath. The copy is slightly shorter, I try to make email marketing brief and to the point usually.
  • Long copy versus Short- An argument can made for either and at the end of the day marketers should test different styles at different stages of the sales funnel. Just like some leads will prefer email over postcards, some will also prefer long copy over short copy.
  • Call To Action- is placed at the bottom (but you can have more than one). In this case we used a name drop or testimonial for a medical category.
  • Landing Page- After clicking people are directed to a landing page with testimonials from customers in the same industry.

Linking commercial carpet and tile cleaning postcard campaign with an email template will act as a multiplier. If you can expect a 1% return from one marketing campaign, linking them together will give a nice 20% boost to both. Sometimes more!

Commercial Tile Cleaning

This specific theme or value proposition is focused on restrooms, I know fun wow! Two things about commercial restrooms, one most modern buildings have tile and grout in their restrooms. Two the biggest complaint year after year for commercial accounts is the condition of the restrooms or restroom supplies.

The goal here is not to provide daily or even weekly cleaning service but tile & grout steam cleaning, sealing and color seal. Most will probably be in the 2-4x year range but some high traffic buildings in retail or restaurants might be interested in monthly or bi-monthly. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door to cross sell commercial carpet cleaning jobs later on down the road or even put together packages of say carpets 2x year and tile 2x year.

Another option is to use brochures or flyers


commercial carpet tile cleaning postcard


Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Postcard

 In this specific marketing campaign we targeted medical prospects, specifically doctors and dentists. In commercial cleaning and janitorial the medical field can be a great pool of prospects to target some of your campaigns at and postcards are just one marketing idea to think about in your mix.

The medical field can be great for a couple reasons, one they need to have a clean and sanitized building. In other industries like manufacturing, cleaning can be a luxury and often one of the first expenses to be cut. Doctors must have a sanitized environment, partly to avoid spreading infections and two for their own marketing reasons. Nobody wants to sit in a dirty waiting room or have your teeth cleaned after seeing a dead bug on the floor or an inch of dust on the window sill.

Sample Janitorial & commercial cleaning postcard


In advertising commercial cleaning I mainly like direct mail and specifically postcards for follow up purposes. I have never seen it as a great marketing idea for generating cold leads but more as a reminder to prospects you already have met, spoken with or know. Lets face it, some people don’t use email and never answer the phone extension, so sending a postcard can be the only way to get your name in front of a prospect and remind them.

We always like to tie direct mail in with telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns. When mapping out an annual campaign I might decide to go with 4 phone calls per year and then 4 postcards as follow up or 3 phone calls year and 2 postcards. Another place to use direct mail is after submitting an estimate and it drags on, on and on for months which happens sometimes in commercial cleaning. This is an inexpensive way to jiggle their memory, often cleaning can be put on the side until something bad happens or a VIP visit.



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