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How Cleaning Services Can Deliver Sales Pitch

Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch, when asking a closing question… Silence is golden. We have all been there, we make a qualified lead, visit the building taking measurements, asked all the right questions. Finally, it’s time to ask for the business and schedule an appointment, close the deal!


Mastering the Right Pitch

You’ve met with the client, toured their facilities, and understood their needs. After all the groundwork, it’s crunch time — the moment to clinch the deal. Whether it’s project-based work or regular cleaning services, your approach is tailored but the objective is the same: secure the commitment.

For daily cleaning services, it’s effective to present a few tailored service packages. Perhaps you offer varying levels of intensity or frequency — whatever suits their business operations best. It’s all about creating a service schedule that integrates smoothly into their existing workflows, ensuring a consistently clean environment without any hassle.

Now, for the closing touch, you might consider asking, “Which of these service plans best aligns with your needs?” Or to prompt an immediate decision, you might say, “We can start as early as next week. Would Monday or Wednesday work better for your first scheduled cleaning?”

And then, pause. Let them think. This silence is not empty; it’s a respectful space for decision-making. You’ve set the stage, now it’s time for them to act.

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Personal Story: Securing Our Largest Commercial Cleaning Contract

I can still remember my biggest commercial cleaning proposal for a nursing home chain. They had maybe five locations at the time and were an in-house cleaning operation.

We were trying to convince them to outsource everything, including carpet, tile, and daily housekeeping. After meeting with the executive several times and submitting a proposal, he called me into his office for a final meeting. I could tell he wanted to do it but was a real pro and wanted to squeeze every little penny he could out of us.


Calmly, I said we had given him our best deal and asked how much time he needed for startup, then I shut up! I cannot remember how much time went by, probably five minutes, but I was determined not to say anything, and it seemed like an eternity.

He was definitely testing me to see if I would crack and finally just said, “OK then,” and signed the contract, giving us five months until contract startup. I swear, about halfway through, I almost laughed in his face; that would have been bad.


The point is, when asking a closing question, relax and let the prospect think about it for a second and process everything. As a test, next time a salesperson asks YOU a closing question, just stand there and don’t say anything.


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5 Steps To Include in Sales Pitch

Delivering a successful sales pitch in the commercial cleaning industry requires adapting to a diverse range of client preferences and media habits. While some prospects might still value a traditional sales approach, others lean towards digital interactions. Here’s how to refine your sales pitch strategy to connect effectively with every potential client.


1. Exercise Patience

Patience is essential in commercial cleaning sales. Building trust and a client base takes time—more so than in residential services. Establish a strategy that includes regular interactions, ideally 6-8 touches per year, which could range from phone calls and direct mail to emails. It’s important to remember that your prospects might be interested but not ready to commit immediately.


2. Emphasize Personal Interaction

Successful commercial cleaning sales heavily rely on personal interactions. Whether it’s phone calls, door-to-door outreach, or networking, the direct connection often seals the deal. Aim to engage with about 20 potential clients daily or weekly and revisit these contacts every 2-3 months. Personal contacts allow you to qualify leads effectively and remove non-prospective ones from your rotation, enhancing productivity.


3. Sharpen Your Estimating Skills

Accurate estimating is crucial in commercial cleaning, where the scope of work can vary significantly. Whether it’s carpet cleaning in expansive areas or detailed cleaning in cramped office spaces, understanding how to price your services competitively and appropriately is key. Learn the nuances of production rates and how they vary by project to ensure profitability.


4. Be an Active Listener

When delivering your sales pitch, focus on listening more than speaking. By asking thoughtful questions and genuinely listening to the answers, you can understand what truly matters to your prospective client—beyond just the price. This insight allows you to tailor your pitch to emphasize your expertise in areas they value most, potentially giving you an edge over competitors.


5. Consistent Follow-Up and Nurturing

In commercial cleaning sales, the decision-making process can be lengthy. Maintaining regular contact through follow-ups can keep your service top-of-mind for when the client is ready to proceed. This could involve sending informative blog posts, industry updates, or just checking in to reaffirm your interest in their business. Effective nurturing is crucial for eventually converting inquiries into contracts.

By integrating these strategies into your sales approach, you can more effectively pitch your commercial cleaning services, adapt to the diverse needs of your prospects, and build lasting, profitable relationships.