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Sample Carpet Cleaning Service Ad

This is a quick video and blog on a sample carpet cleaning service advertisement, using pets as a promotion. The goal of this advertisement is having a contest to drive traffic to our facebook page, gain likes, shares and then ultimately make sales.

What we are doing is asking homeowners to post pictures of their pets on our facebook page and the one with the most likes gets the grand prize. This is a multi-channel marketing approach where we can gain value in several different ways through 1 campaign. Some places we can deliver this flyer is hand outs to customers, sales letter mailed, EDDM direct mail, referral sources like vets, pet groomers, pet supplies store.

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Sample Flyer

The first part of this blog is designing the flyer. We wanted the homeowner’s pet to be the star of the flyer, this is why we made the picture half of the page. The picture is a funny image of a dog getting their hair done just like at the hairdresser getting ready for the big show. We laid the puppy image on top of an oversized star.

The headline reads “Is Your Precious A Star” which ties right into the image, we always want to tie the headline and image together. Sub-headline focuses on explaining this is a contest and they can win $200 in gift certificates

Pet Gift Certificates

The grand prize can be a mixture of gift cards from your cleaning service, example $100 in carpet cleaning. More importantly a $100 gift card from their favorite, vet, pet supply store, pet grooming service. Imagine walking into a pet store and buying $200 in gift cards? What a great way to start a referral relationship.

Everybody wins, now you can set this up in several ways. Our approach was Grand Prize and then a $25 gift card for everybody that enters when they purchase a cleaning service from us of course. This can really become effective if 20 people enter, 100 people enter. Imagine walking in to vets and pet stores all over the area buying up gift certificates. You will feel like Santa Claus and create a lot of relationships for sure.

Marketing A Pet Flyer

What are some ways we can get this flyer out? Hand out to every customer (even if they don’t have pets, maybe the daughter does). Mail as a sales letter to current customers is another option, EDDM route direct mail, email blast, facebook ad campaign of course.

sample cleaning service flyer pets

Marketing To Vets, Pet Grooming and Pet Supply

In the video I showed an example of a google search of vets in atlanta, ga area. This is where we can use a 3rd marketing channel. Visit vets on a routine of 3 or 4x times a year to introduce this contest idea, this will become much, much easier after you schedule a couple jobs and have some gift cards to purchase, then they will see the benefit.

We would want to buy a display case and put the flyers in the waiting room or front counter. This a great idea because it gives us an excuse to stop by on a regular basis to fill up the display and check with the staff at the counter.

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