How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Use Youtube Video Marketing

How Commercial cleaning & Janitorial Services Can Use Youtube Video Marketing

This is a tutorial on how commercial cleaning and janitorial services can use youtube video’s in marketing and sales. Often I see cleaners ask this question in social media, “does youtube marketing work?”. The answer of course is absolutely yes.

The big question is what is your objective? In this video we split objectives into 2 categories, sales and marketing, then go over the different tactics that can be used.

We split this up into 2 categories: Marketing and PR/ Sales. The reason is we want to clearly layout what our specific objective is so we can measure results.

Some cleaners may use youtube videos for marketing purposes to generate some leads while others might strictly use video to increase sales closing. Both work and are very effective, the big question is how you want to use them right now, you can always store them as inventory and use them for other reasons later.

For example:

If a cleaning service only wanted video for sales closing, you really wouldn’t look at the number of views but would look to see if your closing rate goes up.

Conversely if your goal is more marketing, then you would look at number of leads generated. For PR purposes the total volume.

What is Our Objective? Marketing/Sales/PR or all three



  • Go Viral – No
  • PR campaign press release- Yes
  • Youtube search on topic- No
  • Google search on topic- Yes
  • Company website- Yes
  • Social Media- Yes, some
  • Youtube advertsing- No

Sales Closing

  • Proposals- Yes
  • PDF- Yes
  • Email- Yes some
  • Follow up to specific question- Yes

How To Use Video Marketing & PR

Do You want to go viral?

This is something we see all the time in residential cleaning services, sometimes I see cleaners with 100’s of thousands and millions of views. Its important for us to decide if this is our objective.

First question is: How big is your potential audience, for residential it can be millions of people but for most commercial carpet & tile cleaning services or janitorial businesses, we only have 5- 10 thousand potential prospects in our market. So viral is impractical for us usually, although it can and does happen by luck sometimes.

PR Campaign- Press releases

One thing I often do is when publishing a press release to inbed the video right in the press release, either for marketing purposes to the viewer or seo purposes. Also even more importantly if you are submitting a local release locally to a newspaper, blog, etc, you can include the video for background purposes and explain your point.

Youtube Search

This is what most cleaners will think of when you mention youtube videos or youtube marketing in general. When prospects go on youtube and search a topic. For commercial cleaning and janitorial marketing the probability is going to be pretty low when you think about it.

With only 5-10 thousand cleaning prospects, the chances of them searching a specific cleaning topic on youtube and seeing your video will be pretty low. Still like it for secondary purposes and can drive in a couple leads a month if only by chance, referrals.

Google Search

A big thing with google search, especially in mobile is they often will show related videos in the search listings. This is a great PR opportunity to get in front of a building owner’s or managers. Also, sometimes if you embed the video on your webpage or blog, google will show the video as a preview in search, which brings in even more people.

Company Website

This is the biggest reason I personally use videos. One reason is to give website visitors options, we are in a weird time in history where some people like video, images and text. My goal is to give the visitor options and they can decide how they like to absorb information.

The topic can also change this decision, some topics are better explained with text and others really need a video to show what you mean. Instead of me deciding this arbitrarily, its just easier to use all 3 on every webpage or blog automatically.

Youtube Advertising

This is going to be pretty niche and maybe even considered high risk. Very, very few commercial cleaning contractors use youtube advertising for local clients. Can look at that two ways, it doesn’t work or nobody has figured out how and is an opportunity.

I personally do not but as we build an inventory of videos you can easily add this to the marketing mix long term. Remember, when you produce content of any kind, you don’t have to use it immediately and can save it for later use.

How To Use Video In Sales

In this section we are going to talk about how to use video to increase our closing rate, to increase sales. Most of the time when you talk about video marketing, people think of getting leads, views, etc but there is another part of this.

Here we focus on sales closing more.

How To Use Video In Proposals

We recently published a youtube video on this, how to include video in cleaning proposals. This is something most cleaners probably never even thought of before, embedding videos into commercial cleaning proposals. Can be as simple as an introduction video that you put right in the beginning. Most decisions are made by more than 1 person, maybe one of those managers will like video and watch it.

Brochures and PDF's

Often during the prospecting phase managers or gatekeepers will ask for more information to qualify you, we can easily embed a video into our PDF and email or message in social media.

Email Marketing

Generally I use video on a webpage and then share the webpage but sometimes will email only a video. A lot of this depends on the topic, specifically for commercial cleaning, this can be effective for action shots. You want to share a job you serviced at a similar building, industry or want to show a service the prospect has never experienced before.

Follow Up To Pain Points

This is where video can really shine, during a walk thru or after submitting an estimate, proposal often building managers will ask questions. When we already have an inventory of videos, we just whip out that specific video and share it with them.

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