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How To Sell Carpet Cleaning Services To Churches

This is a quick blog on How to market your cleaning business, targeting churches. This is a sample marketing plan targeting churches, we used carpet cleaning as an example but this can be applied to any cleaning service that wants to add more commercial accounts with churches. Commercial cleaning, janitorial, carpet cleaning and tile can all be used.

The idea here is to create a dedicated marketing plan for the whole year. One and done advertising never works in any medium, just think of how many TV commercials of Coke you have seen in your life. We are using telemarketing or cold calling as the example but door to door can work just as well. The follow up plan is a flyer and sales letter which can also be replaced with a postcard.

Campaign Objectives

  • Description
  • Objective
  • Size
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Contact person
  • Service
  • Sales Packages
  • Value Proposition
  • Creatives


Sample Campaign


Description– all churches and religious organizations within a 15 mile radius of our shop

Objective– We have 3 main objectives: Schedule an estimate, Find out decision maker and qualify interest level, Lastly put in category for follow up.

Employee Size– with churches its tricky as most have many volunteers, we started with 5 employees, any less than that is a mom and pop operation with very little budget.

Industry– churches and/or any religious organization

Geography– this can be done in several different ways we went with a center of our shop location and 15 mile radius around.

Contact personcontact person or decision maker, some common titles for churches is business manager, pastor and facility manager.

Services– what services we want to highlight, in this case carpet cleaning either hot water extraction or encapsulation.

Sales Package– what sales package to use, here is an example of 2x, 4x year and monthly. Monthly will mainly be for larger buildings cleaned in sections

Value Proposition– What are we going to highlight that a prospect will find valuable. Testimonials from current church clients is a great angle for this target.

Creatives– get all of our creatives lined up which include brochure, sales letter and email template.

sample janitorial brochure

1 thought on “How To Market Your Cleaning Business, Targeting Churches”

  1. Doug Scarberry

    Enjoyed the video about marketing to churches. You had some very good advice.
    I am trying to get a carpet cleaning business started near Huntington WV. I am also a Baptist minister and have a lot of church contacts, but I fear mixing business with religion may end up having a negative impact on both my ministry and business.
    With that being said; My goal is to target churches that I am not affiliated with first. Then after I get some of those accounts the churches I am affiliated with may come to me instead of me going to them.
    Thank you for the information. I appreciate any advice you have.

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