5 Step Commercial Cleaning Employee Evaluation | Template

5 Step Commercial Cleaning Employee Evaluation

Amazing Commercial Cleaning Employee Evaluation Template

In today’s presentation we are focused on putting together a Commercial Cleaning Employee Evaluation and Bonus Review. This can apply to carpet cleaning, janitorial services and any specialty cleaning services.

Often, we try to reward employee behavior through bonus programs and focus on one specific performance at a time, for example an attendance bonus.

In this example instead, we are going to create a Balanced Scorecard using a point system. The difference is we will have 5 different performances instead of focusing on only one.

The points vary from poor to satisfactory to excellent and at the end of the review we will add the points up give a financial bonus based on the number of points. Also important is to have a training and development checklist in place to judge off of

Table of Contents

The five variables we will be using in this bonus evaluation

  • Attendance
  • On Time
  • Inspections
  • Equipment
  • Customer Survey or Review

We created a point system where each evaluation is weighted equally and everything receives a point with a total of 25 points. BUT, you might want to weight the different categories by importance also.

For example, attendance is pretty important, giving it 30 or 40% of the value might be something to think about and giving equipment only 10% or 5%.

This will depend on the specific service they provide, obviously a truckmount is worth a lot more money than a couple vacuums or mop buckets an office cleaner would use.

janitorial employee bonus



Attendance will depend on if the employee is full time or part time. I think we definitely have to weight this somehow. We could deduct a point for every day missed but honestly anymore than 1 is too many and even 1 is not good.

One idea would be to make each day off 2 points.

On Time

I understand some cleaning jobs when they clock in doesn’t matter a lot but for project work like carpet cleaning, floor work, etc. often clients are waiting for us, so it is critical.


This can be a weekly or monthly inspection you would normally have. To make this easier I would just use a 5 point system or grades A,B, C,D,F and then transfer that to the scorecard.


will depend on the type of service, for office cleaners we will be mainly looking at floor machines and maintaining vacuums.

For project work though like carpet cleaning, tile cleaning the equipment is critical and cost upwards of $50k plus. In that case I would weight it much higher than an office cleaning position.

Customer Survey or Review

This will break down between residential and commercial cleaning services. With residential nowadays reviews have become very important in digital advertising.

A point per review may not be enough and might be a better idea to give a point for every 2 or 3 reviews. Depending on volume you will have to adjust accordingly.

Commercial Cleaning customer surveys are more widely used. To make this easier I would have the customer also use a 5 point system or grades A-F and just transfer over.

Bonus Money

Some companies instead of using money will have gifts or paid time off instead. We used money as an example but you could just as easily have gift cards or some prizes.

25 Points is a perfect score, in my opinion I would want to make the perfect score much much higher than everything else. In this example we used $250 as a monthly bonus. What dollar amount is up to you but the point is to make the perfect score triple or more of the next amount.

20 Points = $100

15 Points = $50

10 Points = well 10 points is a problem and equals a counseling session to determine how we can help them improve. 

Introduce Your Evaluation With An Employee Handook

Before introducing any new bonus program or evaluation process, make sure to first explain it in your employee handbook. This explains all the rules that apply to every employee equally.

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