Sample Commercial Cleaning Employee Manual & Handbook

Janitorial SOP and Employee Manual

This is a tutorial on putting together a sample commercial cleaning employee manual or handbook, this can be used for janitorial, carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services. The purpose of this sample is to share some topics and general information to include in an employee manual.



Welcome to Commercial Cleaning Service!

On behalf of our big family of fellow associates, owner, vendors, customers and management we want to welcome you to our team.

At Commercial Cleaning Service, we believe that every associate contributes to our growth and are also rewarded equally. We want every team member to take pride in driving our van, wearing our uniform and serving our customers to the best of your ability.

This employee handbook is a simple way to describe the expectations of our team members and outline the policy and procedures we follow to provide the absolute best service experience possible.

All associates are expected to become familiar with the contents of this handbook in the first 30 days of employment and share all questions they may have with management.


Timekeeping Clock

Each new hire is given a timekeeping badge that is to be used at the company shop located at

XYZ street. Every employee is in charge of their badge and clocking in/out with other employee cards or for other employees is forbidden and subject to disciplinary action.

Any mistakes made with attendance must be signed, dated by both employee and human resource manager.


Direct Deposit

The company uses direct deposit for pay, funds will be transferred to associates account by 12 am on Friday of every week. Pay will be based on the previous weeks hours and bonuses. In the event of a holiday the funds will be made available the day before or Thursday 12 am.



The following classifications are assigned in the event of a termination

Resigned- voluntary employee

Discharged- involuntary initiated by The Company

Layoff-  layoff by company but eligible to work again when hours are available



janitorial employee manual



All employees are required to provide a two week notice when resigning from any positions.



The company currently uses an online scheduling platform, all weekly work days/times are available at the website w .w.w com on Sunday of each week 6pm. Each associate is obligated to check their work schedule and confirm status.


Company Phones

All employees must leave personal phones, minis, laptops in their car or company locker before starting each shift. Every lead person will be issued a company phone to communicate with customers, management and other associates. The company phone can only be used for emergencies and any personal use is prohibited.

Phone and Texting is strictly prohibited while driving or operating any equipment.



Smoking any substance legal or illegal including cigarettes, pipes, e cigarettes and vaping is strictly prohibited during work hours on any company property, vehicle, customer property.


Equipment Use

Associates are prohibited from using company equipment, tools, vehicles for personal use or after work hours for any reason. Written consent must be given by owner only to use company property for personal use.



Attendance and being on time for scheduled days/time is a priority for the service industry. Our customers are often waiting for us to arrive and taking time out of their day.

All sick call offs must be made 4 hours in advance of scheduled work time and any late instances reported to the direct supervisor immediately.

Unexcused absences are subject to disciplinary action including termination.

Unexcused is without a doctor note or permission given by the direct supervisor or human resources.


carpet cleaning employee manual


Return of Tools Property

Upon termination all tools and or property will be immediately returned to the direct supervisor for final inspection. This includes but not limited to uniforms, phones, tools, vehicles, equipment, training material, any advertising or marketing material.



Lockers are provided as a convenience to all employees but remain the sole property of the company. Management reserves the right to inspect lockers with or without notice or cause. No drugs, stolen property, alcohol and any other illegal substance are to be kept on the company’s premises.


Employee Files

All employee or personnel files are the property of The Company and restricted to the human resource manager, direct supervisor and owner. This may include application, evaluations, compensation, vacation time, write ups.

Access can only be granted by the human resource manager on a scheduled time and under supervision.


Probation Period

A probationary period of 90 days is given to all new hires. Any extended absences will extend the period equally. This period gives management time to evaluate performance and find the best possible fit for any new hire.

In the event management deems it necessary to extend the period, the company reserves the right for a specific period. (example 30 days)

If the probation period is passed the associate will be granted a new classification of full time, part time or causal.


Applications and Resumes

This company relies on the information provided by all applicants in the form of applications, resumes or references. If information is found to be inaccurate or falsified later the company reserves the right to enforce disciplinary action which may include termination.


commercial cleaning employee manual


Performance Evaluations

Performance recommendations and evaluations can be given on an informal basis and a formal evaluation process will be given by your direct supervisor every 6 months. During this time, we will discuss training opportunities, goals and bonuses.


Job Description

Every new hire will be issued a job description including a summary of the job, specific duties, daily tasks to be completed and checklists that need to be handed in. Each associate is obligated to familiarize themselves and follow the job description given for that position.

The company may revise or rewrite job descriptions occasionally to fit with changes within the industry or service practices. Each associate will be given an updated version upon completion.


Vacation Time

Each associate is credited with one week of vacation time after one full year of employment. Upon 3 years of continuous employment 2 weeks of vacation will be credited.

Vacation time must be verified by the human resource manager 14 days in advance for compensation to be applied. The request for vacation time form must be filled out and handed in.

All unused vacation time will be paid at the end of the calendar year December 31st.


Holiday Pay

The following holidays are observed by The Company: New years day, Memorial Day, 4th July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 1 Personal Floater holiday of choice.

Any associate scheduled to work on a holiday will receive holiday pay and normal pay for that day.


Education Pay

The company is committed to continuous education for each associate, when outside education opportunities arise the company will pay for each course based on a case by case basis determined by the supervisor and human resource manager.

Each employee will be paid a per diem rate of $120 for every training day outside of the company premises. This pay is not in addition to regular pay but a substitute for regular pay.

Note a certification is a not a guarantee of promotion or advanced compensation unless otherwise agreed to in writing by employee and human resource manager.


cleaning service employee manual


Customer Relations

In any service organization, customer relations are our most asset. Every associate representing Commercial Cleaning Company needs to be aware of every action we take with our customers and the public at large. People judge us by how they are treated with every contact we make. Our first most priority is assisting customers and potential customers in any business need we can. This means but is not limited to being friendly, helpful, polite, positive and most importantly on time.

Its important to remember our contact with the public is not only a reflection of ourselves but also our associates and company culture.



Employment with Commercial Cleaning Service is 100% voluntary and every employee is free to resign at any time. The company may also terminate employment at any time in accordance with the state labor laws of STATE.

The following policies have been created by management and can be amended, altered or cancelled at the discretion of the human resource manager with employee knowledge. Associates will be given a copy of any future changes or additions in a timely manner.


Employee Compensation

The Company believes that the wages and benefits offered are competitive for the cleaning industry in our specific geographic area. If any associate has concerns or questions about compensation we encourage them to schedule an appointment with the human resource manager.

We believe an open and honest relationship can be a benefit to both management and associates.

Evaluations are to be held on the anniversary hiring date every 6 months.


Equal Opportunity Employer

All employment, promotions and training opportunities are provided based solely on merit and employee evaluations. The company does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Any questions or concerns should be brought immediately to the human resource manager through an appointment or requesting our Report form to be filled out and handed in to human resources.

Discrimination will not be tolerated for any reason. An investigation will take place and any associates involved subject to disciplinary action.


janitorial employee handbook


Ethics In the Workplace

To serve our customers at the highest level possible the reputation of the Commercial Cleaning Company is of the highest priority. Our reputation for integrity applies to not only the letter of a law but also the spirit.

Our success is dependent on the trust of our fellow associates, vendors and customers. All associates are required to refrain from any illegal and unethical conduct while under the employment of the company.

When questions arise immediately contact your direct supervisor for guidance and if necessary the owner of the company. In today’s social media world even, a small unethical act can have a snowball effect and harm not only the company but also every associate employed.

Its critical to always think of the long-term view of our decisions and not just the immediate gratification.


Relationships and The Workplace

We understand sometimes associates engage in personal and/or romantic relationships outside of the company hours. Associates who are involved in a dating relationship must be reported to human resources if they are directly supervising another associate or have any direct or indirect control of compensation, scheduling, training, etc.

Fellow co workers can feel favoritism is taking place which can hurt a specific team and or moral of the company. In addition, conflicts that occur outside of the workplace can be carried into the day to day working environment hurting customer service and relationships with other team members.

The company does not prohibit personal relationships entirely but needs to monitor each situation where one associate may have power or influence over another.


Business Conflicts

Associates have an obligation to report all transactions with vendors, clients and any outside firms we conduct business with. This includes but not limited to kickbacks, bribes, free work, free product, price breaks or any quid pro quo (I give you this and you give me that).

Any family members and/or personal relationships with outside firms must be reported to management. This can include ownership stakes, management roles, employment, etc.

The existence of a relationship doesn’t preclude the company from conducting business with an associates family member but does need to be reported.


commercial cleaning employee handbook


Additional Employment

Employees can hold jobs outside of the company if it does not interfere with employment at our company. Every associate is held to the same standard regardless of conditions from outside jobs. If performance is not being met the company reserves the right to request a modification of outside duties or resigning if required.

Employees are not allowed to work for current clients, vendors or any firm we conduct business with without prior authorization.


NON-Disclosure Agreement

All employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment. Employees who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and legal action, even if they do not actually benefit from the disclosed information.

* compensation data * Pending projects and proposals
* Computer processes * Proprietary production processes
* Computer programs and codes * Research and development strategies
* Customer lists * Scientific data
* Customer preferences * Scientific formulae
* Financial information * scientific prototypes
* Labor relations strategies * Technological data
* Marketing strategies * Technological prototypes

New Job Openings

All new job openings will be posted on the company bulletin board, website and emailed/text to current employees.  If current associates feel they are qualified for any new positions, they can apply with human resources. Only associates with min of 6 months current employment with the company are qualified.

If you refer an applicant and they are hired a bonus of $150 will be paid after applicant makes it past the probationary period of 90 days.


Employment Categories

REGULAR FULL TIME- this status is designated for associates who have passed the 90-day probationary period and are scheduled 40 hours per week on a regular basis. Full time benefits only apply to associates scheduled to work for 40 hours.

PERMENANT PART TIME- is designated for 30 hours week or less of scheduled hours on a regular basis and have passed the 90-day probation period

PROBATIONARY-  the first 90 days of employment during which no benefits apply, and performance will be evaluated to determine long term classification.

CONTRACT- contract basis is for associates assigned to specific short term or temporary projects. No benefits apply

CASUAL- designated for intermittent scheduling or on call, as needed basis.