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Publicity is in a tricky place right now, newspapers are dying and google has given press releases the smack down for a lot of seo purposes. But we still have to get our name out there somehow… and cheaply.

Two Main Goals For Media Exposure

1. Business professionals still read the online newspaper and local business journals. 
These are decision makers. 

2.Lay the foundation and convince the editor over the long term to write a story about your business, the mother load. Not only for the one day story but the lifetime link.

The internet is a little trickier, google doesnt like people to spam press releases anymore for links. Just a simple domain. You also get the benefit of populating your name, domain name. 

Business owners, managers will often google your company name and personal name. Press releases can take up a couple spots when your name comes up. Seeing your company in a newspaper story can add a lot of credibility with a business manager that doesn’t know you.

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Sample Press Release Template


HEADLINE– Method Clean Biz Introduces Free Online Bidding Calculator For Cleaning Services

Date—City, State—

Body 2-6 paragraphs– Method Clean Biz an account based marketing platform for the commercial cleaning industry recently released a free online bidding calculator for commercial cleaning contractors worldwide.

The calculator focuses on figuring out the cost of goods sold or cost of service in determining an office cleaning bid. The online calculator can be found on the company website.

Current president name commented “Contractors can use the online calculator with unlimited submissions on the company website. This website is available worldwide but currently only in english”. QUOTE


The bidding tool goes through a progression of fill in the blank questions about job variables with a final price at the end. Starting with total square feet or meters of the building being cleaned, labor wages with taxes and insurance, specialty cleaning tasks, supply cost and finishing up with options on profit margin percentages to come up with a final price.

Company, was incorporated in date. The company president is name

General info– Company provides commercial cleaning website design and seo for the cleaning industry, more information can be found on the company website.