How To Use A Press Release In Cleaning Industry

How To Use A Press Release In Cleaning Industry

Sample Press Release for Cleaning Services: Navigating the New Media Landscape


In the ever-evolving landscape of media exposure, the significance of press releases for cleaning services cannot be overstated. Traditional avenues like newspapers are facing challenges, and Google’s changing algorithms have reshaped the role of press releases in SEO.

However, amidst these transformations, there are innovative strategies tailored for cleaning services to ensure effective publicity and navigate the new normal.


The Press Release Paradigm Shift:


The traditional approach to press releases is undergoing a paradigm shift. While newspapers decline, online platforms and local business journals remain crucial for targeting decision-makers in the commercial cleaning industry.

Establishing and fostering long-term relationships with editors become strategic goals, aiming for sustained visibility and credibility through feature stories.



Strategic Goals for Cleaning Service Press Releases:


  1. Targeting Decision Makers in the Digital Realm:

    • Online newspapers and local business journals serve as direct channels to reach decision-makers in the commercial cleaning industry. Crafting press releases that resonate with this audience ensures that your services are on the radar of key professionals.
  2. Building Enduring Editor Relationships:

    • Beyond immediate gains, the objective is to cultivate enduring relationships with editors. This approach seeks not just a fleeting media moment but a lasting link that contributes to sustained visibility and credibility for your cleaning services.


Press Releases in the Digital Landscape:

In the digital realm, the dynamics of press releases are different. Google’s evolving algorithms discourage the indiscriminate use of press releases for links. Nevertheless, the internet remains pivotal for establishing and reinforcing the online presence of cleaning services.

Recognizing that homeowners, business owners and managers turn to online searches for service providers emphasizes the strategic importance of optimizing your online presence.



Metaphor of a Press Release Announcement for a cleaning service

Sample Press Release Template:



HEADLINE: Method Clean Biz Introduces Free Online Bidding Calculator For Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Date-City, State

Method Clean Biz, a leading account-based marketing platform in the commercial cleaning industry, has unveiled a groundbreaking tool tailored for commercial cleaning contractors worldwide—an online bidding calculator.

The innovative calculator focuses on precisely determining the cost of goods sold or the cost of service when preparing an office cleaning bid. Accessible on the company’s website, this tool empowers contractors with unlimited submissions. While currently available in English, the website caters to a global audience.

President [President’s Name] remarked, “Contractors can leverage the online calculator seamlessly on our company website. This resource is not confined by geographical boundaries and can be utilized globally.”

The bidding tool adopts a systematic approach, prompting users with fill-in-the-blank questions related to job variables. Starting from the total square footage or meters of the building to labor wages, taxes, insurance, specialty cleaning tasks, supply costs, and concluding with options for profit margin percentages, the tool generates a comprehensive and accurate final price.

Founded on [Incorporation Date], Method Clean Biz, under the leadership of President [President’s Name], specializes in providing commercial cleaning website design and SEO services tailored for the cleaning industry. Additional information about the company’s offerings can be found on its official website.



This strategic press release not only announces a valuable addition to Method Clean Biz’s services but also communicates essential information about the company’s expertise and global accessibility, aligning with the dual goals of securing media exposure among decision-makers and establishing a lasting online presence.



In realm of cleaning service publicity, crafting effective press releases


By understanding the unique dynamics of press releases, targeting decision-makers, building enduring editor relationships, and strategically navigating the digital landscape, cleaning services can ensure that their announcements resonate in the ever-changing media environment.

The provided sample press release template serves as a practical guide, showcasing how to tailor announcements for maximum impact and credibility specifically in the context of the cleaning services industry. As the media landscape continues to evolve, adapting press release strategies becomes key to standing out and thriving in the competitive cleaning services market.