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Carpet Cleaning Phone Script

In today’s tutorial we are sharing a phone script to help carpet cleaning services make cold calls to local businesses. The key here is to understand we are not selling anything at this stage but merely introducing ourselves to set up an on site estimate.

Every sales/marketing campaign works to some degree, our mission is to fit the right campaign with the right prospect to get the best possible ROI and squeeze the most out of our $$$

 This is a standard phone script for carpet cleaning services, tile cleaning and various specialty services to get you started. Generally speaking all we want to do calling on local businesses is ask if we can stop by and introduce ourselves or introduce our company.

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 At this stage we are not selling anything but introducing ourselves.



Getting Organized First


  • Set a brief 15 minute estimate
  • Get email address and start follow up campaign
  • Qualify interest level and service


  • Size
  • Industry
  • Value Proposition
  • Geography
  • Title
carpet cleaning phone script

Before making a call, first send an email


Receptionist – Hello, my name is Bob with ABC carpet cleaning, we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning. May I speak with the person that handles that for your company.

Reception connects


– Hello contact, this is Bob from abc carpet cleaning. (some people like to ask if I have caught you at a bad time)

Reason for my call (choose an option)

– We help businesses improve the appearance of their carpet and can remove most common stains like coffee spills and can freshen up any high traffic areas.

– We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning, setting up simple, inexpensive programs to keep your carpet great looking year round. I’d like to come out and introduce our company to you.

– work with facility managers (any title) to set up simple, inexpensive carpet cleaning programs for their business. I’d like to stop by and introduce our company to you.


commercial carpet cleaning phone script

Questions To Be Asked

Do you currently have a dedicated carpet cleaning program?

If yes How do you feel about your current program, are you interested in looking at other options?

When was the last time the carpets were cleaned in your office?

Oh Ok. Well, as I talk with other facility managers (title) I notice they often express challenges with keeping their carpets spot free and maintaining the high traffic areas.

What are you most concerned with?

carpet cleaning telemarketing script




Ready for estimate– Based on what you shared I would like to stop by for a brief 10 minute inspection and come up with a couple of solutions.

If not ready for an estimate– Well, since I called out of the blue, I don’t want to take any more of your time right now. Let me send over some information on (anything they mentioned, be specific as possible) with some case studies of other businesses with work with.

What email should I send it to?

The difference: Some ways we differ from other services is we always power scrub the carpet before steam cleaning, detail vacuum and most importantly always include a spot cleaning in 6 months to keep your carpets looking great year round.

sample cleaning service phone script


How Are We Different

Facts: Other key details about our company is I have over x years experience in the industry. We include a free spot cleaning with every service and a 30 day guarantee after any service. All our techs are trained following the manufacturers recommended training standards.

Similar industries/areas: We currently work with 15 other medical offices in the area and specialize in medical offices, ABC medical has been a client for over 3 years.

We focus servicing businesses in (town) area and have 17 clients in the area. ABC business has been a client for over 3 years.

sample cleaning service phone script




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