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Sample Commercial Cleaning Sales Letter

This is a blog on using sales letters for prospecting commercial cleaning accounts. Sales letters can be used for commercial cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial, tile cleaning or any other specialty cleaning service focused on generating commercial leads. I love sales letters for follow up, this is just my personal opinion and experience.

The main challenge is making sure we have the decision maker’s name and correct spelling. In the cleaning business this position can cover many different titles from office manager, facility manager, purchasing department and 5 others. You can make the argument that in specific industries, we know from experience who usually handles the vendors.


Today, with so much marketing going towards email marketing we can make a valid argument that to stand out a personal letter can really work. Just looking at my own I receive 50 emails a day easy but only a personal letter maybe 1x month. Now weather you include a sell sheet/ brochure or just a letter by itself is personal choice, we never saw any numbers that jumped out with or without a sales aid attached.


Best Envelope Marketing

This is an example of a standard business envelope with our logo and mailing address. One variable that can help get it opened is handwriting the contact information, this is probably 50 years old but still effective. In our case handwriting works out great because the number of mailings is pretty small and targeted, a carpet cleaning business mailing out thousands might be impractical.


Some marketers have proposed using colored envelopes or oversized to help stand out more. This sounds like a great idea to me especially for a cold direct mail campaign but in our case we know who the contact is and will handwrite out the contact info. The chances of someone opening is pretty good provided they are indeed the decision maker and have a need in the near future. I never personally used colored envelopes but think it’s a great idea to test.



Some other multipliers are mailing to members of an association you belong to like chamber of commerce, industry trade group, referrals and having previous communication with the prospect maybe through social media or say a networking event.

Before mailing, make a phone call first



Sample Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sales Letter


At the top even before addressing the contact we started with a headline, “ Don’t let the condition of your carpet cost you”. The headline is supposed to encapsulate or summarize what the content will be about and/or generate interest. I like to start off a greeting like a conversation “Hello Doug” or “Hi Doug” and then begin the first paragraph.


The first paragraph is a brief introduction and then pointing out some common problems they might encounter. Now this will change based on the service and prospect, a doctor’s office might need different hot buttons from a restaurant or manufacturing plant. This prospect was general office covering several industries so we had to be vague. When looking for hot topics be practical and just list the problems you see on a regular basis or questions people ask during estimates.


Next paragraph we are trying to plant the seed for setting up a regular routine or rotation. The main benefit of commercial work is scheduling jobs throughout the year, not only does it carpet or floor become easier to clean but we are also creating dedicated revenue also.


The following areas are used for introducing ourselves by name, company and listing our main services. This is also a great space to point out any awards, certifications, years in business etc.


This final space can be used in several different ways, one way to look at it is technical, service and testimonials. In this sample sales letter we used a technical point of encapsulation carpet cleaning, that is just an example and not meant to be the only way. Best case scenario we should map out a schedule of mailings throughout the year and keep changing them up searching for that hot button.


Technical might be a method, service can be emergency service 24/7 and a testimonial of a customer in a similar industry, group or geographic area. Nobody can come up with a single message to cover every prospect so the best path is to assume you don’t know and cover them all.



Final paragraph is going back to creating a routine, pointing out that setting up a carpet cleaning program that runs throughout the year is actually less expensive than waiting until the building is a mess.


Don’t Let The Condition of Your Floors Cost You

Dear Valued Business Owner,

Your office is the central hub for your business. Excessive carpet wear, recurring coffee stains, and mystery odors can all make the appearance less than professional. Don’t let this be people’s first impression of your business, or their last. Keeping up the appearance of your carpet is crucial, and affordable.

Did you know that setting up a regular carpet cleaning schedule is cheaper than waiting until disaster strikes? But whether you’re in dire need of an emergency cleaning, or just looking for a practical way to keep your office looking in tip-top shape, we have the solution for you.

 My name is Shane Deubell, and I own ABC, the leading provider for commercial carpet and tile cleaning in the City area. We can help you restore a professional feel in your office, and offer free, ongoing support after every service.

We provide daily janitorial service and specialty maintenance for:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Tile and grout clean/seal
  • VCT floor waxing
  • Daily Janitorial Service

Talk with us today about how we can help you! Ask about how our carpet cleaning programs can prevent coffee spills from appearing again even after repeated cleanings.

We are the competitive and affordable solution for your carpet cleaning needs. Don’t let the condition of your floors make your office look anything less than professional. Contact ABC today, for your free cleaning estimate.




Sales letters can be a great way to connect with prospects in carpet cleaning, janitorial and tile cleaning services. The key is finding the right time to use them in the sales cycle and having the contacts name.

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