9 Step Commercial Cleaning Employee Onboarding Process

Commercial Cleaning Employee Onboarding Template

Are you running a commercial cleaning or house cleaning business and looking to expand your team with amazing employees? Hiring the right people can be a game-changer for your company’s success. Whether you specialize in janitorial services, house cleaning, or other cleaning specialty services, a well-structured employee onboarding process is vital. In this blog, we’ll guide you through nine essential steps that cleaning services can take during the employee onboarding process. Let’s dive in!

The goal is to create a flow chart to map out the hiring process, I find it very helpful to be able to see processes and map out the different steps involved. I feel it helps a lot in understanding and the actual follow through.


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Job Description: Crafting a Clear Picture of the Role

Job Description

The foundation of any successful hiring process is a well-defined job description. Outline the specific tasks, work hours, full-time or part-time status, and any necessary certifications or education requirements. Be concise and precise to attract candidates who are genuinely interested and qualified for the position.


Identify: Matching Candidates with Job Requirements

Different cleaning service positions demand different skill sets. Determine the type of person best suited for the role, considering factors such as attention to detail for meticulous tasks or physical endurance for labor-intensive assignments.

Finding the right match between recruits and positions is key to ensuring long-term employee satisfaction and productivity.



Database: Organizing Potential Candidates for Future Opportunities

In a dynamic industry like commercial cleaning and house cleaning you may have multiple qualified candidates for one position or potential candidates for future roles. Create a comprehensive database to store all candidate information in a searchable format. This will save time and effort in the future when you need to fill new vacancies quickly.

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Run Advertisements: Strategically Promoting Job Openings


Once you have a clear job description and a pool of potential candidates, it’s time to run advertisements. Begin with referrals by leveraging your social media presence and emailing your database of former candidates. Consider popular job boards like Indeed and Monster, as well as local newspapers for wider reach.



Find Recruits: Evaluating Resumes and Shortlisting Candidates


As the applications start rolling in, carefully review each resume to identify the best-suited candidates.

Create a scoring system to rank applicants based on qualifications, experience, and relevant skills. Shortlist the most promising candidates for further evaluation.


Phone Interview: Preliminary Screening for Promising Candidates


Conducting a phone interview is an effective way to gauge a candidate’s communication skills, enthusiasm, and understanding of the job description.

Ask a few basic questions to get a sense of their suitability for the role and to clarify any initial doubts.


Onsite Interview: Delving Deeper into Candidate Qualifications


For candidates who excel in the phone interview, invite them for an onsite face-to-face interview. Alternatively, offer to meet at a coffee shop if they prefer a more relaxed setting. Use this opportunity to dive deeper into their qualifications, experience, and assess their compatibility with your company culture.

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Decision: Making the Right Hiring Choice

Once you have completed all interviews, take the time to review all the information gathered. Consider each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and how well they align with your business values. Make an informed decision based on merit, potential, and cultural fit.

10 essential steps to hiring employees for a cleaning service

Onboarding: Setting Up New Employees for Success

Congratulations on finding the perfect fit for your commercial cleaning team! Now, it’s time for the onboarding process. During onboarding, have new employees complete required paperwork, provide insurance information, and familiarize them with your employee manual. Lay out the next steps to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

In conclusion, building a successful commercial cleaning team starts with a well-structured employee onboarding process. By following these nine essential steps, you can attract and hire top talent for your cleaning service business. Remember, hiring the right employees not only improves your service quality but also enhances your company’s reputation and growth prospects. So, get ready to take your commercial cleaning business to new heights with a skilled and dedicated team!

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