9 Step Commercial Cleaning Employee Onboarding Process

Commercial Cleaning Employee Onboarding Template

This is a quick presentation on how to hire employees for your commercial cleaning service. Now this can apply to janitorial, carpet cleaning or any commercial cleaning business.

The goal is to create a flow chart to map out the hiring process, I find it very helpful to be able to see processes and map out the different steps involved. I feel it helps a lot in understanding and the actual follow through.

Employee Handbook Example

Table of Contents

9 Essential Steps To Hiring Amazing Employees For Your Commercial Cleaning Service


Job Description

The first step is determining we have a job opening or several job openings and writing a job description. A job description has the basic tasks involved, hours/days, full time or part time, any certification or education requirements.


Identify the type of person we would like to hire. Some positions require a detail minded person while others need a lot of physical labor. It is our job to find good matches of the recruits with the position.

how to find janitorial employees


Before running ads we want to create a database to hold all of this information and make it easily searchable in the future. Often we will have several qualified candidates but only one opening currently and want to find the other candidates later on.

Run Advertisements

Decide where we will run advertisements on, for how long and what is our total budget. The best place to start is referrals of course by sharing on social media and through email blasts of our current database and reaching out to former candidates. Some options for advertising are indeed, monster, local newspaper.

Find Recruits

Go over the resumes and score the best qualified candidates for contact.

how to hire commercial cleaning employees

Phone Interview

I personally like the phone interview first to reach out and get a feel for the candidate, ask a couple basic questions and make sure they understand the job description.

Onsite Interview

This will depend on the position of course, next an onsite face to face interview. Also can meet in a coffee shop, some people prefer a relaxed setting so candidates are more comfortable.


Go over all the information and make a final decision.


This is where we have the new employee fill out required paperwork, insurance, sign off on employee manual’s and layout the next steps.

10 essential steps to hiring employees for a cleaning service

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