How to get cleaning contracts with daycares

How To Get Cleaning Contracts With Daycares

Grow Commercial Cleaning Accounts With Child Care Centers

This is a quick tutorial on how to get cleaning contracts with daycare’s and child care centers. Janitorial service, commercial carpet cleaning, especially vct floor waxing, floor care and disinfecting are all great services to offer.

Daycare’s can be great for commercial cleaning services, there are generally a lot of them in most metro areas and they are always getting dirty. Most areas have strict enforcement from state or city regulators.

We are going to focus on 2 Main questions today:

1. What services do we want to offer

2. How do we reach them

What Services To Offer?

VCT floor care including stripping and waxing, high speed polishing, daily sweeping and mopping. VCT is very popular for child care centers, in most type of places, once you get to higher end suburban locations you will start to see more hard tile like ceramic.

Hard Tile you would be more thinking about steam cleaning with a portable or truckmount unit.

Carpet Cleaning is another big specialty service, most day cares have either wall to wall carpeting in some rooms or a lot of area rugs. Often they will have VCT flooring and then an area rug for kids to play on.

Daily Janitorial this is a high demand service that can include restroom cleaning, trash, vacuuming, dusting and daily wiping of high touch surfaces among a list of other misc cleaning tasks depending on the client.

Disinfecting this service has always been popular in child care centers. There is dozens of different styles and equipment to choose from.

how to get cleaning accounts child care center

How Do We Market to Them?

As I show in the video, right off the bat with child care centers the challenge is security. They often have magnetic doors and a call box. This makes door to door sales very difficult, the whole process can be very awkward pushing that call box button and trying to communicate with a stranger through a microphone.

More often than not they will just tell you to go away unless you know someone or have an appointment.

With Account Based Marketing what we are trying to do is match up the right marketing tactics with the right prospect. What works for restaurants might not work for daycares and schools.

4 Marketing Tactics Specifically For Daycares

Phone Appointments- this is where we call ahead and set an appointment to come out and introduce ourselves. The key to the phone appointment is we are not selling anything, we are only trying to schedule an estimate or stop by and introduce ourselves. We have several phone scripts you can customize here ………

Direct Mail- mail can be very effective, the reason is most child care are small businesses where either the owner or the director reads the mail. The challenge with mail is always getting it to the decision maker, in this case we can find out who that is pretty easily. Most will be listed on their website or you can buy a list from us!!!

how to get cleaning contracts daycare

Facebook Marketing- something you might not think about with this target is facebook, FB would be a good PR and marketing strategy with paid ads, even a small one. Facebook fits this demographic perfectly of women over 30. Most child care centers will already be active on facebook themselves because they are trying to sell their business. Similar to direct mail if you message the business page most likely the owner or director will be the one monitoring the page.

Youtube/Search Marketing- this can be another great inexpensive pr/marketing strategy. I think you will find most daycare owners come from the field but are new to being a business owner. They probably never have had to deal with keeping a building clean before and have no idea how to keep the floors shiny. Even 5 videos and 5 blogs covering different cleaning type of topics specifically that day cares run in to can bring in a couple jobs over a year. More importantly after you do make initial contact you can share with them the tips and separate your cleaning service from the pack.

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