Create hot leads list for commercial cleaning |

Today we are talking about how commercial cleaning services (janitorial, office cleaning, carpet cleaning) can create a hot leads list. This video is all about guerilla marketing and prospecting for hot leads.

One of the things that happen when the economy is struggling is a lot of businesses simply do not have the money to spend on cleaning their building.

As a salesperson or marketer we want to identify who are the businesses that do have money to spend.


Leads List Category

Today’s category is going to be using the help wanted ads. The theory here is if businesses are hiring staff then they have the need and the money to buy various cleaning services for their building.

If we think about this if they can afford to spend $50k, $100k to hire just 1 employee then they definitely have a couple thousand dollars for any specialty cleaning services like carpet cleaning, tile, disinfecting.

Also if they are hiring staff they want to make them feel safe and provide a clean working environment.

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