Top 17 Janitorial & Cleaning Leads for Your Business

Comprehensive List of Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Leads

Looking to expand your janitorial and commercial cleaning business? This comprehensive list provides actionable insights and targeted strategies to secure valuable leads and contracts. Ideal for janitorial services, commercial cleaning specialists, and carpet cleaning businesses, this guide breaks down key industries and contact points to maximize your marketing efforts.


17 High-Potential Accounts and Leads for Cleaning Businesses

  1. Medical Buildings
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Associations
  4. Retail Property Managers
  5. Construction Companies
  6. Schools
  7. Networking Furniture Installers
  8. Commercial Property Managers
  9. Door-to-Door Sales
  10. Call Centers
  11. Commercial Tile Cleaning
  12. Doctors, Dentists, and Clinics
  13. Restaurants
  14. Government Agencies
  15. Business Journals
  16. Daycares
  17. Schools


Detailed Lead Profiles and Strategies


1. Medical Buildings: How to Sell Cleaning Services to Office Managers

Target Account: Medical Buildings Key Lead: Office Managers

Customer Profile:

  • Predominantly women over 30 years old.
  • Often concerned with cleanliness and patient perception.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Facebook Ads: Target women aged 30-55.
  • Customer Profile Development: Understand their needs and concerns.
  • Ad Creatives: Use appealing visuals and specific service highlights.
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2. LinkedIn Marketing

Target Account: Office Buildings and Industrial Markets Key Lead: Facility Managers

Marketing Strategy:

  • LinkedIn Ads: Focus on job titles like Facility Manager.
  • Content Marketing: Share informative content related to facility maintenance and cleaning.
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3. Association Marketing: How to Get Commercial Cleaning Clients

Target Account: Various Business Associations Marketing Strategy:

  • Networking: Attend association events.
  • Sponsorships: Sponsor association events to increase visibility.
  • Direct Mail and Telemarketing: Use member lists for targeted campaigns.
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4. Retail Property Managers: Securing Cleaning Accounts

Target Account: Retail Property Management Companies Key Leads: Property Managers, Salespersons, New Tenants

Marketing Strategy:

  • Value Proposition: Focus on move-outs, lease renewals, and sales preparations.
  • Dual Approach: Target both property managers and new tenants.
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5. Construction Companies: Getting Cleaning Jobs Through Referrals

Target Account: Construction Companies Marketing Strategy:

  • Direct Outreach: Contact project managers and superintendents.
  • Value Proposition: Highlight flexible scheduling and quick turnarounds.


6. Schools: Account-Based Marketing for Cleaning Contracts

Target Account: Charter and Private Schools Marketing Strategy:

  • PEST Analysis: Use political, economic, social, and technological trends to predict opportunities.
  • Relationship Building: Engage with schools early in their establishment phase.


7. Networking Furniture Installers: An Untapped Referral Source

Target Account: Office Furniture Installers Marketing Strategy:

  • Referral Programs: Partner with installers to offer cleaning services post-installation.
  • Direct Sales: Introduce cleaning services during furniture installations.


8. Commercial Property Managers: High-Value Targets for Cleaning Contracts

Target Account: Commercial Property Managers Marketing Strategy:

  • Customer Profile Development: Focus on demographics such as age, education, and social media use.
  • Content Marketing: Share targeted content on platforms like LinkedIn.


9. Marketing to Churches: How to Expand Cleaning Contracts

Target Account: Churches and Religious Organizations Marketing Strategy:

  • Year-Long Campaign: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan including telemarketing and direct mail.
  • Value Proposition: Highlight the importance of maintaining a clean and inviting space for congregants.



10. Door-to-Door Sales: Effective Techniques for Cleaning Services

Target Account: Local Businesses in High-Density Areas Marketing Strategy:

  • Geofencing: Create a geographic fence around target areas for concentrated marketing.
  • Chamber of Commerce Memberships: Leverage membership to gain credibility and access to leads.


11. Call Centers: Cleaning Services for High-Traffic Offices

Target Account: Call Centers Marketing Strategy:

  • Job Listing Sites: Identify growing call centers through job listings.
  • Direct Outreach: Cold call and email based on job listing information.


12. Commercial Tile Cleaning: Specialized Cleaning Services

Target Account: Various Commercial Buildings Marketing Strategy:

  • Value Proposition: Emphasize restroom steam cleaning and tile sealing.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Combine tile cleaning with other services like carpet cleaning.


13. Doctors, Dentists, and Clinics: Cleaning Services for Medical Offices

Target Account: Medical Offices and Clinics Marketing Strategy:

  • Sales Aids: Use brochures and flyers focused on common pain points like waiting room cleanliness.
  • Customer Testimonials: Highlight testimonials from similar clients.


14. Restaurants: Comprehensive Cleaning Strategies

Target Account: Restaurants Marketing Strategy:

  • Regular Service Packages: Offer cleaning packages on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Sales Routes: Develop consistent routes for regular follow-ups and service checks.


15. Government Agencies: Securing Public Sector Cleaning Contracts

Target Account: Local Government Agencies Marketing Strategy:

  • Guerilla Marketing: Sign up as a bidder on various agency websites.
  • Direct Outreach: Develop relationships with agency procurement officers.


16. Business Journals: Leveraging Local Publications for Leads

Target Account: Businesses Listed in Local Journals Marketing Strategy:

  • Book of Lists: Purchase and utilize local business lists for targeted campaigns.
  • Cold Calling: Follow up on leads identified in business journals.
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17. Daycares & Child Care Centers: Specialized Cleaning Services

Target Account: Daycare Centers Marketing Strategy:

  • Security Considerations: Use phone appointments and direct mail due to access restrictions.
  • Targeted Content: Create informative content on maintaining cleanliness in child care environments.

Conclusion By targeting these specific accounts and using the outlined strategies, your janitorial and commercial cleaning business can effectively expand its client base. Regularly update and refine your approach based on market trends and client feedback to maintain a competitive edge.



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