Benefits Of Marketing Commercial Cleaning To Nonprofit Organizations |

Benefits Of Marketing Commercial Cleaning To Nonprofit Organizations

Welcome to today’s blog on marketing commercial cleaning services to nonprofit organizations. This can apply to janitorial services and specialty cleaning like commercial carpet cleaning, tile and VCT.

What are some examples of nonprofit organizations?

  • Red cross
  • Counseling Centers
  • Crisis centers
  • Girl/Boy scouts
  • Museums
  • Tourist centers
  • Employment training
  • Cancer support
  • YMCA
  • Boys club

Account Diversity

The biggest thing you will notice is they are extremely diverse, this is also one of the best reasons to target them. See this gives you a very diverse account base that is not affected by macro events that will happen from time to time in every industry.

Low Competition

This is the second reason to target non for profits, other commercial cleaning businesses are not targeting this group. This is not an industry group in the traditional sense like hotels, medical, property managers etc.

In fact in 25 years I have never even heard of someone targeting this segment.

Become a Sponsor

This can be an excellent and inexpensive advertisement to get your company name out in front of business owners, managers and executives. When you look at the sponsors locally they are often who’s who of the biggest businesses in your area.



marketing cleaning services to nonprofit organizations




Marketing to Other Sponsors

This brings us to another tactic, after becoming a sponsor, market to the other sponsors. Perfect time to reach out to another company in a very warm way, often the executives will be the ones involved and you can start by reaching out to them directly and introduce yourself.


Most non for profits have fundraising events, walk a thon’s, auctions, all kinds of parties. This would be a great way to meet other business people in the community and let nature take its course.

Member Lists

Some even have membership lists, in this case you would have a list of businesses involved and key contacts, usually managers, owners and executives. Same with marketing to other sponsors this would be a very warm contact. People like to do business with other people who have similar interests.

Selling cleaning services to nonprofit organizations and charities can be a great way to beat your competition and find targets they are not thinking about.

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