How To Promote Commercial Cleaning Services With Implied Value Propositions

Welcome to today’s blog on how to promote commercial cleaning services with implied value propositions. This can apply to janitorial services, commercial cleaning and specialty services like commercial carpet & tile.

There is 2 types of ways we can deliver value propositions, explicit and implicit.

Explicit is what most people think about with delivering messages. We come and SAY we are the best, greenest, been in business 20 years, etc.

Implicit The other we don’t always think about is implied messages, implied values. This is where we don’t come out and state something directly but imply it somehow through our actions, words, etc.

One popular value commercial cleaning services like to use is the corporate image or a professional image may be a better word to use. We want to give the impression to clients, leads and prospects that we are business owners, professional managers just like them.

This part of this professional message is we want to appear organized; we want to fit in. If you have done a lot of estimates over the years, this is one of the biggest complaint’s clients have. Often, they even like the cleaning business owner on a personal level but feel like they are too disorganized and not supervising the cleaning staff closely enough.

Two Types of value propositions or messages


The company message

 this is something basic, a main value that would apply to every single prospect, client regardless of big, small, industry, etc. This main message, value applies to everyone we come in contact with.  In this example we used a corporate/ professional image.

Secondary/Support value propositions

 these are the little details that support the main message. The goal here is to think of ways to provide evidence to support this main message.

Remember in this tutorial we are only going to imply these values and not come out and state them.

Main Value – Professional Image

how to promote commercial cleaning service professional image

Secondary or Implied messages for the main message

  • Proposals, instead of just submitting a simple 3-page proposal we can submit a comprehensive 12-page proposal covering all the basic business functions that run a cleaning business.
  • Appearance- wearing a shirt tie men or professional outfit for women. Try your best to keep up on grooming when it comes to shaving, hair, wrinkled clothes, etc. This can make a huge impact of how people perceive us and treat us honestly.
  • Types of information you share- instead of just sharing information about cleaning topics like equipment, detergents, speak about business functions like leadership, employee recruiting, training.
  • Marketing Material- how your business card looks, brochures, sell sheets. Having this stuff professionally made can have a big impact on how people view us.
  • Communication- this can be in the words we use when communicating with people. Even simple greetings like Hello, Hi, Good morning can get us off to a good start with a stranger. Also, words in general, avoiding slang, swearing, poor language in general.
  • During Service- This is what clients actually see during a service. Some examples can be uniforms, safety procedures like wet floor signs, taping or blocking areas off.


This was just an example of how a commercial cleaning, janitorial service can create a main value proposition and then look for ways to imply, support that main message.

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