Why Congruence Is Critical Promoting Commercial Cleaning Services

Why Congruence Is Critical Promoting Commercial Cleaning Services

What Congruence Means Advertising Cleaning Services

The day you start a cleaning business advertisers will automatically start calling you every day, especially tons of little niche advertisers like restaurant menus, golf clubs, supermarkets carts, movie theatres, etc. Advertising is everywhere nowadays and at first some of them make perfect sense.

We are always told to “get our name out there”, right?

Today we are publishing a presentation on what congruence means promoting a commercial cleaning service. Congruence is a fancy marketing word for “in harmony”. We want to find marketing tactics that are in harmony with the situation.

Marketing is just an investment and our goal is to increase our probabilities of success. There is no 100% guaranteed tactic, you should walk away from any vendor that claims this. Just because a cleaner has success in Houston or Seattle doesn’t mean that tactic will work the same in your market.

Lots of reasons why, local demographics is one and percentage of specific businesses can change dramatically. Think about how many hotels exist in Miami compared to Buffalo or how many condos exist in florida compared to pennsylvania.

Also, how many people use certain platforms changes quite a bit, yelp is very popular in some areas and even dominant in some markets. Not in upstate new York, its legitimate don’t get me wrong but nowhere near the popularity as cities in California (even on a per capita basis).

Marketing Tactics That Are Congruent

Advertising in business first or a local business magazine online. In this situation you are getting in front of decision makers and the online versions give a extremely high quality link to your website which is great for SEO and google search marketing

Chamber of Commerce can have several options: sponsoring events, booths at events, enewsletters, online listing. Here you are getting in front of decision makers and the digital versions provide a link.

Linkedin Marketing is great for specific professions but not all. You’ll have to complete some research to see how many of a specific target is in your area. I know property managers and real estate are very popular but not many dentists for example.

Facebook is good mostly for targeting small businesses, they are already there everyday running ads for themselves and keeping up with their clients.

What Congruence Means Promoting Cleaning Services

Marketing Tactics That Are Not Congruent

Here are some examples of tactics that are in harmony, our goal is to try and find good match ups like in sports. Increase our probability of success.

Golf Clubs, Country Club Scorecards

Only if you sell cigars, alcohol, golf equipment, bars, etc. It’s a hobby, nobody wants to think about problems and won’t remember anyway.

Restaurant Menus, Table Placemat

Great for food add ons like hot sauce, desserts, beverage brands. Not cleaning services

Movie Theatres

We watch movies to escape reality and fantasize not be reminded our house is dirty or office restrooms need cleaning

Grocery Carts/Receipts

This sounds like a good idea at first because of the traffic volume but supermarkets have 20K ads already. Trying to stand out there is like finding a needle in a bunch of needles.

Also food is one of those things that make us forget about everything else, we love food.

What Congruence Means Promoting Cleaning Services part 2

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