Discover the Best Paid Advertising Options for Hiring Cleaning Employees

Paid Advertising Strategies for Hiring Cleaning Employees

Are you a cleaning business owner seeking efficient and effective ways to find skilled and reliable cleaning employees? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore the best-paid advertising options that can help you attract top talent to join your cleaning team. From online platforms like Indeed and Craigslist to job fairs and employee referral programs, we’ve got you covered.

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Leveraging Online Platforms for Cleaning Employee Recruitment

  1. Indeed: As one of the most popular job search engines, Indeed provides a vast pool of potential candidates. You can create job postings with specific keywords related to cleaning positions, making it easier for interested applicants to find your listings.

  2. Local Job Sites: Explore local job boards dedicated to your region, city, or industry. These platforms cater to a targeted audience and can be a great source for finding cleaning employees within your vicinity.

  3. Craigslist: While relatively simple, Craigslist’s classified ads can still yield excellent results for local recruitment. Craft compelling ads with relevant keywords to increase visibility and appeal to potential applicants.


Partnering with Staffing Agencies for Cleaning Hires

  1. Short-Term and Permanent Agencies: Partnering with staffing agencies can be advantageous for both temporary and permanent cleaning positions. These agencies have access to a broad network of job seekers, simplifying the hiring process for your cleaning business.

  2. Recruit/Interview Only Agencies: Some agencies specialize in pre-screening candidates and conducting initial interviews, allowing you to focus on selecting the best-fit cleaning employees from a curated pool of applicants.

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Tapping into Educational Institutions for Cleaning Talent


  1. Bulletin Boards: Many colleges and schools have physical bulletin boards where employers can post job opportunities. Utilize these boards to promote your cleaning positions to potential candidates in the local community.

  2. Online Listings: Some educational institutions offer online job boards or career portals. Submitting your cleaning job openings to these platforms can help you reach a younger and diverse talent pool.




A bulletin board displaying job opportunities for students

Targeting Local Job Fairs for Cleaning Positions

  1. Job Fairs: Participate in local or industry-specific job fairs to showcase your cleaning business and engage with potential candidates face-to-face. Be sure to highlight the benefits of working with your company.

  2. Multiple Job Fairs: Attending multiple job fairs allows you to maximize your exposure and connect with a broader range of individuals seeking employment opportunities.


Guerilla Marketing


  1. Churches: Collaborate with local churches to promote your cleaning job opportunities within their congregation or community. Churchgoers often appreciate job opportunities that align with their values.

  2. Associations/Groups: Partner with local associations or community groups that share an interest in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Tailor your outreach to resonate with the values of these organizations.


Miscellaneous Advertising Tactics

  1. Local Sports Talk: Sponsorship or advertisement during local sports talk shows can help raise awareness of your cleaning job openings among a diverse audience.

  2. Community Centers: Utilize community centers’ bulletin boards or events to promote your cleaning positions, attracting individuals invested in their local community.

Employee Referrals

  1. Employee Referral Program: Encourage your current cleaning employees to refer potential candidates. Offering incentives, such as bonuses or rewards, can motivate them to actively participate in the recruitment process.


By leveraging the power of paid advertising through various channels, cleaning businesses can significantly improve their chances of finding qualified and committed cleaning employees.

Consider tailoring your approach to match your target audience and the unique selling points of your cleaning business to stand out in a competitive job market. Happy hiring!


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