Mastering the Prospect “Walk Thru” in Cleaning Services

Step into the comprehensive guide focused on mastering the prospect “walk thru” within the realm of the cleaning services industry. As we navigate through the intricacies of the estimate process, one key element stands out – effective communication.

In part 4 of the MethodCleanBiz Marketing Mastery Series, we’ll not only underscore the significance of astute listening responses during these critical “walk thrus” but also unravel the transformative potential held within the power of positive language.

Join us on this journey as we explore how these communication skills can elevate and enrich customer interactions, shaping unparalleled experiences in the world of professional cleaning services.



Understanding Listening Responses for Effective “Walk Thru”

Listening Responses – Acknowledgement:

Definition/Purpose: Acknowledging responses is crucial during a prospect “walk thru.” It involves reflecting, appreciating, affirming, assuring, positive closure, passive listening, paraphrasing, positive agreement, summarizing, and naming the process.


  1. Acknowledging: “That’s great! I’m thrilled to hear you’ve had such a positive experience.”
  2. Appreciating: “I appreciate your patience, especially considering the adjustments you’ve had to make.”
  3. Affirming: “I think you made a good choice by considering our proposal.”
  4. Assuring: “I’ll personally check on this to ensure your concerns are addressed.”
  5. Positive Close: “Good luck in your new office space, and feel free to reach out if you need anything.”
  6. Passive Listening: “Yes, I understand your requirements.”
  7. Paraphrasing: “Let me see if I understand your expectations correctly.”
  8. Positive Agreement: “I know what you mean about the challenges of maintaining a clean workspace.”
  9. Summarizing: “In summary, we have agreed on the key areas that require our cleaning expertise.”
  10. Naming the Process: “What will happen next is we’ll proceed with the estimation and discuss the tailored cleaning plan.”
Illustration of positive words such as 'Yes,' 'Definitely,' and 'Good

The Power of Positive Language in “Walk Thru”

Positive language is essential for creating a favorable environment during the prospect “walk thru.” Here are key words that can significantly impact customer interactions:

  1. YOU – Focus on what the customer wants.
  2. WE – Collaborate to explore options.
  3. I – Demonstrate your commitment to taking action.

Positive Words: Yes, immediately, I can, I will, Definitely, Good, Great, Certainly

Neutral Words: Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly, If I can, I’ll try, Probably, Just, Only

Negative Words: I won’t be able, No, But, I can’t, Unfortunately, Never, Regret, Sorry


Conclusion: Mastering effective communication during the prospect “walk thru” involves employing listening responses and harnessing the power of positive language. By integrating these skills, cleaning service professionals can create a positive environment, fostering favorable feedback and potential sales from satisfied customers. Elevate your communication game and excel in every “walk thru” encounter.

what words work during walk thru of a commercial cleaning estimate and proposal

Exercise – Negative to Positive (Suggested Answers) for Cleaning Service Prospecting:

Change the following phrases into positive ones in the context of a cleaning service prospecting in a home or building:

  1. Original: We can’t start the cleaning until Wednesday Revised: We can initiate the cleaning on Wednesday

  2. Original: It won’t be cleaned until later Revised: It will be cleaned at (specific time)

  3. Original: We don’t offer color sealing in red or blue          Revised: We offer it in a variety of colors (highlighting the positive aspect of the available color options)

  4. Original: The cleaning professional is unavailable until 11.30 am Revised: The cleaning professional will be available at 11.30 am

  5. Original: It’s not possible to make those changes just like that Revised: It is possible to make those changes within (specific timescale)

  6. Original: Hopefully, the cleaning will be completed on time Revised: The cleaning will be completed on time

  7. Original: Unfortunately, there was a delay. It’s not our fault Revised: There has been a delay, and this is how we plan to rectify it…

  8. Original: Well, it should be clean all right Revised: It will be clean all right

  9. Original: I’m sorry, but that specific cleaning solution is out of stock now Revised: We now have an alternative cleaning solution available

  10. Original: I will probably be able to schedule it by next Monday Revised: I will be able to schedule it by next Monday

  11. Original: Possibly, I’ll see what I can do Revised: I will do my best to address that

  12. Original: Unfortunately, there will be an additional charge for that Revised: There will be an additional charge for that (clearly communicating the company’s pricing structure)