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Landing Pages

Basically its a webpage you send leads to learn more information about your company, more info on a specific subject and/or schedule an estimate or appointment.

What kinds?
1. traditional “seo guy” meaning is a page separate from your website and is only 1 page. Most are set up simple to solicit a quick response. An example might be you want to focus an adwords campaign just about stone refinishing or pet odor removal. So you would buy a domain like or whatever and create 1 simple page with info about that subject and a request estimate form and option go to your main website.

2. The other option is create a page on your website and/or send link to a specific page on your website.

Where can you use them?

Facebook, adword campaigns, your b-card, postcard, coupon mailers, radio ads. ANY way you advertise.

This way you can test/create very specific offers for very specific people. Maybe your postcard is eddm and you only want an offer just for that neighborhood or you put a special offer on your b-card, facebook etc.

Its very easy to track this way and see what motivates people the best.
Nobody really knows, we have to learn ;

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