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Commercial Restroom Tile Cleaning, Marketing Strategy

Commercial Restroom Tile Cleaning, Marketing Strategy

No, i am not talking about daily,weekly, monthly type restroom cleaning like swisher/cintas.  Selling commercial tile and grout cleaning packages similar to carpet cleaning packages. 2x,4x,6 year or monthly.Restrooms are just the value proposition to get you there.

Ask any building manager if they have interest in a tile and grout cleaning bid and the answer is we really do not have any and they are not dirty anyways. But if you ask that same manager if they have interest in “steam cleaning” and sealing their restroom tile, or sanitizing their restroom. THEN they want to learn more.

#1 complaint at every building in america is restroom cleanliness, carpet appearance is far down the list and barely in top ten. Now take that number and take into account nobody is doing it and now you have a good match up you can win, the probabilities are now in your favor.

You can also  use it as a cross-selling opportunity to create packages including carpet cleaning.


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  1. Damion Jones January 11, 2017 at 8:50 pm


    I’m at a loss on package prices.

    My wife and I have all the tools and I’ve done this as an employee so I understand scope of the work.

    I’d love to see how your price breakdown is.

    It would give me a better idea what to charge.

    I was thinking $225 a restroom set for walls, fixtures, partitions, floors, mirrors.

    Thanks again
    Damion Jones
    Waxmaster Janitorial

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