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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Template

Sales and marketing campaign template for adding more commercial carpet, tile and commercial cleaning accounts.  ** Use your own goals.

Description: All major employers in the town of Anytown, State.

Objective: A. Brief 15-20 minute estimate
B. Collect information and qualify interest level
C. Put in category and create follow up campaign

Prospect: All large employers with more then 100 employees.
Minus restaurants, government agencies

Geography: Anytown State  Zip codes 90567, 87654
Size: 100 or more employees

Industry: All minus restaurants and government

Contact Person: depends on industry, must call first and ask.
Examples- Facility manager, purchasing, general manager, office manager.

Services offered:  Carpet steam cleaning, carpet encap, VCT, restroom steam cleaning

Packages: 2x year, 4x and 6x
For 1x service requests, an additional spot cleaning in 6 months will be included to create 2x year min service.

Value Proposition: will vary based on customer feedback and industry
examples-  sanitize for day care, safety for manufacturing, recurring coffee spills class A office space,
restroom sanitizing and steam cleaning . Removing scratches from breakroom floors, restore high shine to floors. Detail vacuuming

Total Businesses: 247

Frequency: Telemarketing 4x year
Mail postcard 2x
Email campaign 4x when available

988 total phone calls
Shift of 4 hours/ average 10 calls hour
25 days

Costs: Telemarketing 25 days x 4 hours day= 100 labor hours
100 hours x $15 hour = $1500
Postcards- 494 x .70 cents each = $345
Email- set up time 2 hours at $15 hour= $30
Total campaign cost= $1,875

ROI Goal– 1:10 over a year
$20k revenue
Average $1400 year per customer
14 Programs sold
At 75% closing rate need around 20 appointments set


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