Does the lowest bidder always win?

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Does the lowest bidder always win?

We all know when bidding on commercial carpet cleaning or tile projects price is an important factor in the decision. Businesses have to compete to keep their clients so they expect us carpet cleaners to compete for their business. Sounds fair…

Our main job as a salesperson when bidding is to point out what are they receiving for that price. For our specific industry a couple factors are: How clean is it after service and more importantly, How long does it last?

If the carpets look great but only last 2 weeks than this is a great opportunity to point out how they will receive much more bang for their buck if we take our time vacuum, scrub and extract (for example). Instead of lasting only 2 weeks now the carpets might last 2 months or even longer.

***Note I am not a professional copywriter and the paragraphs below are not meant to be used word for word. This is more of an outline, concept, !DEA.

Sales Situation #1

We understand that your business needs to keep costs down and its easier to just take bids and choose the lowest price. We have found though when a carpet cleaner moves too fast in order to keep labor down the carpet inevitably re-soils quicker. What do you think about a more expensive cleaning but also more detailed and longer lasting?

Sales Situation #2

May I ask how long the carpets stayed clean after your last service?

Prospect: about 2 weeks

What do you think about instead of paying $1k for only 2 weeks of clean carpets we charge $1400 but they stay clean for 2 months instead.

Doesn’t that sound like a better deal.

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