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About Method Clean Solution Center

Wouldn’t it be great to tie in ALL your adword campaigns, e-newsletters, website, print mailers, print newsletters, facebook, reviews and referrals all from one place.

Method Clean Solution Center is over 30 different tools designed to organize the sales and marketing process for cleaning businesses.We provide software, monthly print and E newsletters, 40 email templates, 40 landing page templates, text promotions and many more sales and marketing tools that tie together and integrate.

The software is 100% customizable to your specific business, we set up templates to get you started and then you take over to make any changes you choose. The estimate, email and landing page editor’s allow you to upload any job pictures you choose, add videos, along with customize text and create call to action links.

What businesses can use this tool?

Carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, floor care, janitorial services, commercial cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, maid services and many more…

What can you do?

Create automated routines that send out  E-newsletters, pre-appointment instructions, special offers, referral requests, review links to your specific review sites, THANK YOU’s and whatever else you want to create.

Small library of sales letters, postcards, upsell sheets, print newsletters unbranded and fully customizable to your business.

Sales funnel, set up and track estimates from inspection, estimate and any follow up steps that lead to the closed sale.

Landing pages and website contact forms that drop information right into our CRM and sets in action an automated follow up system.

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