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In this podcast we discuss commercial carpet & tile cleaning marketing and prospecting.  Some of the topics we cover in this discussion are.

Questions to ask in finding MY ideal prospect:

  • What time of day or days of week do i want to run shifts
  • What type of industries do i add or delete
  • What services do i specialize in
  • How large of accounts do we want? 5k sqr ft or 100k
  • What is our geographic coverage area

For example lets create a profile. During the day, dont care industry, carpet and hard tile, less than 10k sqr ft and within 10 miles.

The next question is who fits in this ideal profile?  Churches, Schools, Small Medical, Fine dining, Condos, Apartments ….

Whats the Math?  if we are willing to commit on contacting 20 businesses a week for example and the goal is 3x a year min. 20 contacts X 52 weeks = 1040 / by 3. Equals 346 businesses contacted every 17 weeks.

Qualified/Unqualified  to create a productive campaign we want to eliminate unqualified prospects from each rotation and not waste time/money on them. Unqualified is specific to your goals, maybe they have been inhouse for 20 years, maybe they only can service in hours you dont do, maybe the owners brother does it . Now unqualified doesnt mean take them off the list forever, just for a year or 2.

Qualified might be you have a name and had a conversation, so you know in general what services they have interest in and current situation.


How do i reach them?  
My opinion is small businesses, retail, restaurants, etc or anyone who deals with general public is better for door to door. They receive 50 google phone calls a day just like us so blow everybody off. Just remember these people are busy too, its legit.

One more thing about door to door, leave something behind like a sell sheet. A certain % will definitely keep it and call.

Larger employers (20 employees or more) and businesses that do not deal with public its very difficult to go door to door. They usually require an appointment so using phone is better. Same as above, leave voicemail messages with your website address, a certain % will call.

Part of marketing is finding right medium for right prospect. Linkedin is more for professionals while facebook lots of small businesses. Can you see that you would tackle each differently? Not that one is better than the other but different.

I would advise running 3-4 different campaigns if not more and find the right fit for your specific goals.



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