This is a quick video on building a commercial cleaning sales funnel and create follow up routines for your estimates. Over on the left is a graph to help visualize it.


Topics To Cover

  • On the right we start with the Inspection process and asking prospects questions, Listening and taking notes.
  • Value proposition is after listening to a prospects concerns coming up with some solutions they might value. Examples might be technical, service or referrals.
  • Submit estimate
  • Follow up directly #1, #2 and #3.
  • Nurture, a nurture campaign is after you failed to close a deal directly you continue to stay in touch with longer term follow up that might include: phone calls, mail, email and videos.
  • Won- follow up routine after you win a bid
  • Lost- follow up after losing a bid

Method Clean Biz is an amazing sales & marketing platform for commercial cleaning, janitorial and commercial carpet cleaning services.

We provide a comprehensive solution to getting more high margin commercial accounts through software, sales letters, lead lists, brochures, email templates, landing pages and extensive training when needed.

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