This is a quick video on using forecasting to determine when it is time to hire a new technician. Often us contractors wait until the last minute to hire new staff and that usually doesnt work out too well. Regardless if hiring a part, full time or casual employee its always best to plant the seed and start the process months before we actually need someone.

The easiest way is to create a table in word or spreadsheet in excel or just take a piece of paper and a pencil. This is an example of a sales forecasting table separate by 3 columns. Customer, estimate amount and probability or forecast.

In the first column list name of the customer or bid, examples medical building, restaurant and property management account. Second column list the gross amount of the bid, in this example we put $1000 dollars for medical, $12000 restaurant and $3000 for property management company. The total comes to $16,000.

To forecast list low,medium and high of 25 percent%, 50 percent % and 75 percent %. Now this is subjective, sometimes we win low % bids and lose bids we think we have nailed down, it happens.

In this example I went with 50% for the medical at $500, 75% for restaurant at $9000 and 50% for property manager for $1500 dollars. The total is $11000 dollars coming in the sales pipeline over the next couple months. This is going to change based on how labor intensive of the service you provide, VCT floor waxing takes far more labor hours over say low moisture carpet cleaning.

At $11k for VCT floor care I would be thinking about dding at least a casual employee while same amount for low moisture carpet cleaning would be nothing to worry about.

At this point its time to start placing ads, time to collect and read resumes, interview the best applicants. You want to have all this pre-planned and set up 2 weeks, 2months and 4 months in advanced so when the work does come in you have a list of contacts to put in place.

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Estimate/Prospect Total $$ Amount X Probability 25%-50%-75%
Medical Building $1000 $500 – 50%
Restaurant $12,000 $9000 -75%
Property Management $3000 $1500 -50%
Sales forecast
$16000 $11000

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