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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Calendar

This is a quick video on creating a carpet cleaning marketing calendar using google calendar. This is an easy way to plan out your sales and marketing for commercial cleaning, janitorial and tile grout cleaning for the month and keep track as you complete the tasks.

For people that don’t know all you need is a gmail account, up here in top right hand corner is app icon.

Step 1

Click on icon and choose calendars. Over on left sidebar you can create multiple calendars for specific applications and reasons. This is my marketing calendar and what I like is to use tasks, we have the option of creating events and tasks, like tasks so we can strike them off as we complete them.

Step 2

This is as easy as it gets to stay on track of your marketing plan for the month, the point is spend 20-30 minutes month on sales and marketing. Often people are looking for the silver bullet to solve problems weather its weight loss, sales, finance, etc.

The answer is to do a little bit everyday and over the log term it really adds up. Now some days it might only take 2 minutes and others 2 hours but we can average it out over a month.

Step 3

Click on calendar day box and use task option, blog website is for February 1st. The calendar creates the task and you just strike off as you complete it.

Now in a carpet cleaners life, commercial cleaning, janitorial etc. Things change all the time, when Monday comes and you don’t have time to make 20 cold calls to dentists move that task to Wednesday.

Example Tasks

Some marketing tasks that can be included are telemarketing, door to door sales, direct mail, e-newsletters, social media posting, website blogging, really unlimited.

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