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Sample Commercial Cleaning Ad

This is a quick blog and video on using employees in commercial cleaning advertising. Our goal here is to warm up the ad a little bit, one of the challenges in commercial marketing plan is becoming more personable, more genuine. We all receive eight million phone calls and emails a day from “google advisors”, they always sound so phony. Whenever we make cold calls we always try to view it as cold networking, we are not trying to sell anything but just introduce ourselves, make a connection.

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Ad Template

With this advertising template the goal is exactly the same. We are not really trying to sell anything explicitly but just introduce ourselves. Using a real employee can be a great way to make your company more authentic and put a face, a real person behind the company. Let’s face it, nobody likes salespeople or ads but we do like meeting new people and making connections.

In the top navigation bar we created a couple call to actions and a link to the main website. Some examples can be a chamber of commerce logo, trade group, awards your company won. Next link is letting leads know about our low monthly pricing programs, businesses are never hot on the idea of adding expenses. Last link is a plug for our spot free guarantee, this is a hot button for commercial carpet cleaning specifically.

The title is “Last year 25 companies signed up for our spot free guarantee, now its your turn”. Here we are adding some social influence and planting the seed to show testimonials and reviews later down the page.



Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch


Personalize the ad

Next section we introduce ourselves, in this example the office manager was used. For most commercial cleaning services the office manager is the first point of contact and a great associate to use for an ad like this. By adding a picture they see the person who answers the phone when they call and can feel like they already met. The speech bubble is focused on our cleaning staff, prospects can be weary of handing over keys/alarm codes to perfect strangers. “What keeps me going is the great people I work with every day”.

The whole story we are trying to tell is prospects would be comfortable having us in their building unsupervised, that is the whole point of this landing page. Often office workers never even see or meet the cleaning staff so it is a lot easier to complain or not like someone’s work you never met. The relationship completely changes once you meet them with a smile and say Hi.

Call to action form

Over on the right is a simple contact form to fill out and schedule an estimate. For this industry, my opinion is to keep it short, too much information can cause prospects to drop off. Basic information you would need for an initial contact including name, company, phone number and email. We also plugged in the salesperson’s name so they know who to expect will respond.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you remember the title up top we stated how 25 companies signed up for this service last year. That was done on purpose to lead back to testimonials. The last part is going back to reaffirm the social influence, most of us like to see our peers using a service or product before we try it out.

We can go in two directions here, one is a link to our job portfolio on a website. The other is creating a landing page with real client testimonials. Most commercial cleaning services don’t like to make public clients for fear competitors will start calling on them. With a landing page only people seeing this ad would have access.

This is just a couple ideas on an ad we can run to introduce a commercial cleaning service, janitorial or commercial carpet cleaning company. Commercial advertising can be tough and I think its critical to find ways to separate from the pack, can be confident 99.9% of your competitors are not doing something.

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