How To Sell Carpet Cleaning Services To Property Managers

This is a quick blog on selling carpet cleaning to property management companies and commercial property managers. Now the term property manager can change depending on what services you provide. Most commercial cleaners think of PM’s as commercial landlords of office parks and multi-tenant buildings. Residential carpet cleaners think more of apartments and condos. This sample is more focused on the commercial PM market.

Table of Contents

Soft Selling

The point of this blog is “soft” selling, our goal is only to introduce our company to the decision maker and make a connection. We hope to get some estimates right off the bat but mostly we want to make a connection so we can find out their current situation and sell services that are the best match for that company.

Industry Specialist

The headline we start off with mentioning how we signed up 5 property management companies to our carpet cleaning program last year. This is important, people love to hear you understand their situation and have specific solutions. I can’t tell how many times when giving a bid to a medical building they will ask how many other medical buildings we clean. Prospects feel like you really understand them and if you can include testimonials even better.

Make An Introduction

In the body we want to include a picture of ourselves or whoever is going to be the main contact person, salesperson, etc. In the introduction we state our name, company and how we HELP property managers at other buildings (again we are being subtle here but making sure they know we specialize).

Now we need evidence that we know the industry they are in and write about drink spills and traffic patterns you often see in multi-tenant buildings.

We close with reaching out and offering a connection, not a very hard close, who in business doesn’t want to connect with other professionals? Also, I think its important to state that you want to learn more about their specific situation and you can then offer solutions. Some prospects can become defensive if you just assume to know what challenges they are having.

Multiple Calls To Action

To end this email template we included two calls to action, basically taking two shots looking for what might interest this specific property manager. I never assume everyone is on linkedin or likes to read a blog, that’s why it’s better to offer options.

The first option is connecting on Linkedin, which is great because they will get notifications of your posts and updates or some anyway. This is a way to leverage linkedin for your marketing contacts. Underneath is a link that will go to a blog on our website or landing page.

** Important**  With this second call to action we are getting to our ultimate goal, we are planting the seed for selling a program and not just a 1x sale. Most property managers don’t want to spend $10k on carpet cleaning at once and creating a monthly, quarterly routine is a great option instead.

First create a business plan


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  1. Great information my friend, I will definitely talk with you soon. I am exploring a joint venture with a colleague of mine from a semi related business. We will tap into his already vast client list in Northeast New Jersey as a part time Firm starting out as we both have other commitments. Thanks Again, Rob

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