Commercial Cleaning Marketing Budget| Janitorial Template

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Budget Template

In this video we are going to focus on managing our time effectively selling commercial accounts. Often salespeople and cleaners focus on the return on investment of the money they spend on advertising and marketing but don’t always keep track of the hours put into certain activities.

Today we are focused on putting together a monthly marketing budget, specifically keeping track of our hours. This is something salespeople and owners of cleaning services don’t always think about. We know we have to keep track of the amount of $$ money we spend every month on advertising and marketing but we don’t always think about the amount of hours it takes.

At the top of the template we have 4 categories

  • Monthly Cost
  • Revenue
  • ROI
  • Hours


Sales Training

In the Sales Training section of our website we have an exercise titled “Managing time effectively”. This is the starting point of creating a monthly budget, asking a sequence of questions.

Some questions can be:

Do you have clear goals set every month?

Do you have specific time allotted to certain activities, specific platforms?

Is the majority of your time spent SELLING? Instead of driving or admin tasks

After going through this exercise the next steps are measuring the results and optimizing. Making changes throughout the year weighting our time to the best payoffs and ROI.


Sample Budget Template

On the left side we have the campaigns listed with the details of the campaign and on the right metrics. The metrics are the same four in the top left corner of the template: cost, revenue, hours and ROI.

WHY does this matter?

The reason is some marketing tactics cost very little money but take a lot of our time and we want to account for that time.


Networking is a perfect example, most clubs only cost $4-500 a year but may take 8-10 hours every month which can equal 100 hours a year. In this case the $400 is not a lot of money but we also want to take into account our time of 100 hours.


commercial cleaning sales training



Social Media Marketing

Social media can also be a marketing campaign where the amount of money can be smaller amounts of $2,3 or 500 month but we can spend countless hours guerilla marketing if we don’t pay attention.

What I propose is to choose a couple platforms and dedicate a certain amount of hours every month. Some of these tactics can be as little as 1 hour month.

Youtube, you can create a couple videos a month and spend 1 hour of time or 2 hours month. Even a small campaign like this can create a couple leads every month and in commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial services jobs can vary from $1000 year up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Even 1-2 jobs a month can be well worth your time.

Linkedin is another tactic I like but often owners will tell me they don’t have the time. The thing with linkedin is most of the active users are mid to large size businesses. 1 hour week can lead to a big payoff and an awesome ROI.


carpet cleaning video marketing




In conclusion I know business owners are very busy but if you plan out your time every month and keep repeating it using Account Based Marketing principals even 5 – 10 hours a month can have a big payoff.