Phrases to Avoid in Cleaning Service Cold Call Script

Crafting Effective Cold Calling Scripts for Cleaning Services: Words to Use and Avoid

In the competitive world of cleaning services, mastering the art of the cold call is crucial. The words and phrases you choose can significantly impact how potential clients perceive your business and can be the difference between a dismissed call and a new customer.

This blog explores the strategic use of language to enhance customer interaction and outlines an effective cold calling script tailored for cleaning services, ensuring that every interaction counts towards building your business.


Section 1: The Structure of a Successful Cold Call Script

A successful cold call script for cleaning services should adhere to a clear structure to ensure a smooth conversation flow and cover all key points. Here’s a basic script structure tailored for maximum engagement:

  1. Introduction: Quickly introduce yourself and your company.
  2. Needs Assessment: Engage the client with questions to understand their specific needs.
  3. Solution Offering: Present your services as the solution to their problems.
  4. Overcome Objections: Address any concerns or objections the client may have.
  5. Closing: Aim to secure a commitment, such as an appointment or follow-up call.

Integrating positive and engaging language throughout each section is crucial to keep potential clients interested and responsive.

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Words to Use with Customers

Using the right words when talking to potential customers can set the tone for a positive and productive interaction. Here are phrases and words that are recommended for use in cold calling scripts for cleaning services:

To build rapport and maintain a constructive dialogue, it’s essential to use positive and inviting language. Here are some recommended phrases:

  • Introduction Words: “How can I assist you today?” or “I’m calling to find out how we can help enhance your environment.”
  • Needs Assessment Phrases: “What cleaning challenges are you currently facing?” or “What services are you interested in learning more about?”
  • Solution Offering Phrases: “We offer customized cleaning plans to fit every schedule and budget,” or “Our team specializes in eco-friendly cleaning solutions.”
  • Objection Handling: “I understand your concern about the costs. Let’s explore a package that offers the best value,” or “We can schedule a free demo to show you the effectiveness of our services.”

Engaging Questions to Understand Needs:

  • Are you willing? – This opens the floor for commitment and consent.
  • Will you? – Direct and straightforward, it can help in closing or next steps.
  • What have you considered? – Shows interest in the customer’s efforts or thoughts.
  • What are the options? – Invites the customer to think about different possibilities.
  • Which do you prefer? – Helps in understanding customer preferences.
  • What are the alternatives? – Encourages discussion of different solutions.

Proactive Service Offerings:

  • How can it be corrected? – Positive approach to solving problems.
  • How can I help? – Directly offers assistance, making the conversation solution-oriented.
  • What do you want me to do? – Ensures services meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Here are some options – Provides multiple solutions, giving control to the customer.

Empathetic Acknowledgements:

  • I made a mistake – Honesty that builds trust.
  • I understand and I understand your concern – Shows empathy and readiness to listen.
  • I apologize for (specific) – A specific apology shows sincerity and responsibility.
  • However – Transitions smoothly into a solution or alternative after acknowledging an issue.
  • Will, willing – Expresses readiness and openness.
  • Able and Unable + reasons + options – Demonstrates capability or provides a rationale if unable to perform a task, followed by alternatives.

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List of positive words to use in cold calling for cleaning service businesses.

Words and Phrases to Avoid

Just as some words can build a positive image, others can create resistance or negative impressions:

  • Avoid phrases like: “You have to,” “You must,” or “I need you to…” These can come across as commanding or aggressive.
  • Instead, use: “Would you consider…?” or “Could we suggest…?” These alternatives are less confrontational and more cooperative.
  • Avoid non-committal language: Such as “I’ll try” or “Maybe.” Instead, use “I will” or “We can.”

Conversely, certain words and phrases can negatively impact customer interactions by sounding too authoritative, indifferent, or vague. Here are words and phrases to avoid:

Commands and Assumptions:

  • Have to and Must – These can seem forceful and dictatorial.
  • Best/worst – Can appear judgmental or overly definitive.

Presumptive or Overbearing:

  • I need (want) you to… – Sounds demanding.
  • Would you mind? – Might imply inconvenience.
  • You need to… – Comes off as commanding or condescending.

Non-committal or Uncertain:

  • I’ll try – Lacks commitment.
  • Required, necessary – May sound like imposing rules.

Negative or Confrontational:

  • What’s your problem? – Confrontational and rude.
  • I’m sorry – Overuse can undermine confidence in your services.
  • Should/ought to – Implies judgment or obligation.
  • I can’t/you can’t – Focuses on limitations rather than solutions.
  • It’s just a… – Minimizes concerns or issues.
  • Policy – Can sound rigid and unyielding.
  • Jargon – Can be confusing if the customer is not familiar with the terms.

Using the recommended words can help create a more engaging and positive interaction with potential customers, while avoiding the less favorable terms helps prevent creating a negative impression. By carefully selecting language, cleaning services can enhance their customer communication and increase their chances of success in cold calling efforts.

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Script Examples

Here are two script examples that integrate the do’s and don’ts:

Script Example 1: “Good morning/afternoon! My name is [Your Name], and I’m with [Your Company Name], where we specialize in hassle-free cleaning solutions. I’m reaching out to discuss your current cleaning services and explore how we might offer you better value. What challenges have you encountered with your current provider?”

Script Example 2: “Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Your Company Name]. We’re known for our eco-friendly and thorough cleaning services. I’d love to learn about your needs and share how we can make your space cleaner and healthier. Do you have a moment to discuss your requirements and our solutions?”



Choosing the right words in your cold calling scripts can profoundly influence the success of your interactions. By using positive, engaging language and avoiding negatives, you create a more favorable impression that increases the likelihood of a successful call.


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