3 Best Google Ads Strategies for Cleaning Services

How to Grow Your Cleaning Business with Google Ads: Top Strategies Revealed

In today’s competitive market, Google Ads has become an essential tool for growing a cleaning business. By leveraging targeted strategies, cleaning services can achieve higher ROI and increased client acquisition. In this blog post, we’ll explore three powerful Google Ads strategies for cleaning services: Geographic Strategy, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and Service-Based Strategy. These strategies will help you reach your target audience effectively and maximize your advertising budget.




1. Geographic Strategy

Keyword Optimization

Using location-specific keywords is crucial for local cleaning businesses. These keywords ensure that your ads are shown to potential clients in your service area. For instance, incorporating phrases like “best cleaning service in [City]” or “carpet cleaning in [Zip Code]” will attract local searches. For more tips on keyword research, check out our guide on keyword optimization.


  • “best cleaning service in San Francisco”
  • “janitorial service in 94103”


Geo-targeting Settings

Set up your Google Ads to focus on specific towns, counties, or zip codes where you offer services. Use radius targeting to cover areas around your business location. This ensures that your ads reach users who are most likely to convert into clients.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Go to your Google Ads campaign settings.
  2. Select the “Locations” tab.
  3. Choose “Advanced search” and use the radius targeting tool to draw a circle around your service area. Learn more about geo-targeting settings in our detailed post.


Local Extensions

Utilize Google My Business to boost your local search presence. Add location extensions to your ads to display your address, phone number, and a map to potential clients. This makes it easier for users to find and contact your business.


  • Increased visibility in local searches.
  • Higher click-through rates (CTR) as users can easily see your location details.

For further insights on leveraging Google My Business, refer to our comprehensive guide on local SEO.

Ad Copy and Landing Pages

Tailor your ad copy to include specific locations to increase relevance. Create dedicated landing pages for each targeted area. This not only improves user experience but also enhances your Quality Score, leading to lower cost-per-click (CPC) and better ad positions.


  • Use headlines like “Top Cleaning Service in [City]” to grab attention.
  • Ensure the landing page matches the ad copy and provides detailed information about services in that location.

For best practices on creating effective landing pages, visit our landing page optimization tips.



Diagram showing a rotating ad strategy for commercial cleaning services

2. Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience based on homeowner demographics or business types. Google Ads’ in-market and affinity audience targeting features allow you to reach clients actively searching for cleaning services similar to yours.

How to Segment:

  1. Go to your Google Ads account.
  2. Navigate to the “Audience Manager.”
  3. Create segments based on demographics, interests, and search behavior. Explore more about audience segmentation techniques.


Custom Intent Audiences

Create custom intent audiences based on users’ search behavior and online activity. This helps you tailor your ads to specific segments, such as residential cleaning for homeowners or office cleaning for businesses.

Steps to Create:

  1. In the “Audience Manager,” select “Custom Audiences.”
  2. Enter relevant keywords and URLs that your target audience is likely to visit. Check our article on creating custom intent audiences for detailed steps.


Personalized Ad Copy

Craft personalized ad messages that resonate with each audience segment. Highlight benefits that are most relevant to the targeted group, such as eco-friendly products for residential clients or efficiency for commercial clients.


  • For homeowners: “Get eco-friendly cleaning services for a healthier home.”
  • For businesses: “Efficient office cleaning services to keep your workspace spotless.”

Learn more about writing effective ad copy that converts.



Implement remarketing campaigns to re-engage visitors who showed interest but didn’t convert. Use dynamic ads to show tailored messages based on their previous interactions with your website.


  • Increased conversion rates by targeting users already familiar with your brand.
  • Personalized ads that reflect the user’s prior engagement, encouraging them to return.

For tips on setting up remarketing campaigns, see this post on remarketing strategies.



3. Service-Based Strategy

Flagship Service Promotion

Identify and promote your most popular or unique cleaning service. Whether it’s deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, or eco-friendly services, highlight what sets you apart.


  • “Specialized deep cleaning services for spotless results.”
  • “Eco-friendly carpet cleaning for a safer environment.”

For more ideas on promoting specific services, read our guide on service-based marketing.


Ad Group Structuring

Create separate ad groups for each service to maintain high relevance. Use specific keywords and ad copy for each service to improve your Quality Score.


  1. Divide your services into different ad groups.
  2. Use targeted keywords for each group, such as “deep cleaning services” or “carpet cleaning experts.”

Learn how to structure ad groups effectively in our ad group structuring tips.


Service Extensions

Utilize callout extensions and structured snippets to highlight key features of your services. These can include attributes like “Available 24/7,” “Pet-friendly products,” or “Satisfaction guaranteed.”


  • Callout Extension: “Available 24/7”
  • Structured Snippet: “Pet-friendly products”

Read more about using ad extensions effectively.


Case Studies and Testimonials

Include testimonials and case studies in your ad copy and landing pages to build trust. Highlight success stories and satisfied customers to attract new clients.


  • Use real customer quotes and ratings.
  • Showcase before-and-after photos of your cleaning projects.

For guidance on creating impactful case studies, see our case study creation tips.



By implementing these three strategies, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns and achieve significant improvements in lead generation and client acquisition. Start incorporating these strategies today and watch your cleaning business grow. For a free consultation or to get started with Google Ads, contact us now!