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How to Get Cleaning Contracts with Schools: A Strategic Approach for the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry faces unique challenges and opportunities when targeting educational institutions like schools. Whether you’re eyeing public, private, or charter schools, understanding their specific needs and tailoring your approach can significantly boost your chances of securing cleaning contracts.


Understanding School Needs: Public vs. Private

Public Schools

Most public schools employ in-house union janitorial staff for daily cleaning tasks. However, there’s a niche in specialized cleaning services that your company can fill. Services such as carpet cleaning, hard tile care, disinfecting, and floor care are often outsourced, providing a valuable entry point for cleaning companies. This specialized focus is crucial, particularly in regions where public schools do not hire external janitorial services for daily upkeep.


Private and Charter Schools

The scenario in private and charter schools varies more significantly. These institutions may outsource all their cleaning needs or only specific services. The key here is to first determine what services are outsourced and then position your company as a rotating service provider, adapting to the school’s specific needs and schedule.

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Effective Marketing Strategies That Work

Despite the common use of digital marketing strategies across industries, certain traditional methods prove more effective in securing school cleaning contracts:

  1. Vendor Registration for Bidding Alerts: Start by visiting school websites and registering your company for bidding alerts. This proactive approach ensures you’re in the loop for any outsourcing opportunities.

  2. Email Marketing: Direct email marketing targeted at decision-makers within the schools proves more effective than general broadcasts. Tailoring your message to address the specific needs of the school can elevate your proposal’s relevance.

  3. Telemarketing: Unlike other sectors, telemarketing allows you to directly engage with decision-makers, understand their specific needs, and adjust your pitch accordingly.

  4. Direct Mail: After identifying the key decision-makers, direct mail campaigns can be highly personalized and impactful, especially when following up on previous communications.

  5. LinkedIn Marketing: Utilize LinkedIn to pinpoint key personnel within schools, such as those in purchasing departments or facilities management. This platform allows for targeted networking and relationship building.

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Long-Term Strategic Planning

Beyond immediate marketing tactics, consider long-term strategies that anticipate future needs and developments within the educational sector:

  • Stay Informed on Local Developments: Keep an eye on local news and developments in the education sector. Changes in policy or the opening of new schools can present new opportunities.
  • Build Early Relationships: Engaging with schools during their planning and development stages can position your company as a preferred provider as soon as they begin operations.



Securing cleaning contracts with schools requires a blend of strategic targeting, understanding of the specific operational structures of educational institutions, and tailored marketing approaches. By focusing on the unique needs of public versus private schools and utilizing a mix of direct marketing techniques and strategic foresight, your cleaning business can expand its footprint in the educational sector.

In the competitive landscape of the cleaning industry, aligning your business strategies with the specific needs and operational models of schools can significantly increase your success in securing lucrative contracts. Keep these insights in mind to effectively navigate and succeed in this niche market.



Cleaning Contracts with Schools Readiness Assessment

Instructions: This assessment is designed to help cleaning service providers evaluate their readiness and approach in securing contracts with schools. Answer each question with a "Yes" or "No" to identify areas of strength and those needing improvement.