Welcome to our online cleaning service training center, this is a free resource to learn about business planning, sales, marketing, bidding, proposals and employee management. Services that can use this resource are commercial cleaning, janitorial, commercial carpet cleaning, VCT floor care and many more specialty cleaning services.

Some of the topics that are covered in this training:

  • Business planning- business plan, sales plan, marketing plan
  • Marketing- ads, platforms, messages, strategies
  • Sales- proposals, facility managers, property managers
  • Employee Management- management structure, employee manual
  • Calculators- janitorial bidding, commercial carpet cleaning


1. Business Planning

1.1 Business Plan- sample commercial cleaning business plan

1.2 Marketing Plan- commercial cleaning marketing plan

1.3 Sales Plan- simple 6 step commercial sales plan

1.4 Commercial Carpet & Tile – sample commercial carpet & tile cleaning business plan

1.5 Target Marketing Worksheet

2.0 Marketing

2.1 Top 20 list of commercial cleaning accounts

2.2 Non-profit businesses

2.3 Government Contracts Locally

2.4 How To Create A Message/ Value Proposition

2.5 Top Commercial Marketing Tactics- email, phone, door to door ….

2.6 Top Commercial Advertising Platforms

2.7 Facebook Marketing- strategy

2.8 How To Create Ads Using Danger

2.9 HOT LEADS List – how to find leads locally yourself

2.10 #1 Marketing Tool- PDF

2.11 Marketing Budget Template

2.12 Master Marketing Template- organization

2.13 Email Marketing – how to improve results

2.14 Office Managers at Medical Buildings

2.15 Association Marketing

2.16 Construction Clean Up- Referrals

2.17 Linkedin- how to use linkedin to get commercial accounts

2.18 Sample Flyers/Brochures- how to create brochures with 12 samples

2.19 Churches- marketing to churches

2.20 Commercial Tile Cleaning

2.21 Top 10 Marketing Strategies- commercial carpet cleaning

2.22 Postcards & Email- combining postcard marketing with email

2.23 Referral Marketing- office furniture installers

2.24 Marketing Calendar

2.25 Property Managers- sample landing page for property managers

2.26 Email Template- commercial carpet cleaning

2.27 Press Release- sample press release and why

2.28 Daycares- how to get contracts with daycares

2.29 Property Managers- email templates

2.30 Commercial Advertising- sample landing page template

2.31 Landing Page- sample janitorial landing page

2.32 Email Newsletters- sample email newsletters

2.33 Restaurants- sample marketing campaign for restaurants

2.34 100 Advertising Headlines

3.0 Sales

3.2 Proposal Janitorial- sample 12 page janitorial proposal

3.3 Proposal Commercial Carpet & Tile- sample 3 page specialty proposal

3.4 Software- how to use online apps and cleaning software

3.5 Voicemail– combine voicemail and direct mail

3.6 Facility Managers

3.7 Retail Property Managers

3.8 Schools

3.9 Cold Calling- what I learned making 20k phone calls

3.10 Cold Calling Script- sample phone script

3.11 Property Managers- Commercial Buildings

3.12 Business Journals

3.13 Call Centers

3.14 Sales Pitch

3.15 Sales Letters- sample commercial sales letter

3.16 Door To Door Sales

3.17 Customer Survey- how to create a survey and use the testimonial

3.18 Online Sales Training

4.0 Employee Training

4.1 Management Structure- outline of employee management structure

4.2 Employee Handbook

4.3 Safety Policy

4.4 Employee Evaluation

4.5 Employee Recruiting

5.0 Calculators– Free Online

5.1 Janitorial Bidding Calculator

5.2 Commercial carpet & tile bidding calculator

5.3 Break Even Calculator

5.4 Marketing ROI calculator

6.0 Method Clean Biz Services

6.1 Commercial Cleaning Advertising

6.2 Commercial Cleaning Leads

7.0 Get The Full Business Plan

Commercial Cleaning Business Plan

Commercial Cleaning Business Plan


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